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Apple To Terminate iTunes Soon After WWDC

Few apps are as popular as iTunes, nor as influential. Created and unleashed on the global marketplace around a couple of decades ago, iTunes like most other Apple products went on to change the dynamics of the marketplace. The creation of iTunes also resulted in Apple products like iPods selling like hot cakes just like the popularity of online Roulette games at Chelsea Palace and has ensured the continued profitability of the company.

However, everything comes to an end and Apple for some reasons known to it is slated to retire iTunes starting from next week. This news comes from Bloomberg, who reports that Apple plans to announce the retirement of the top music platform on the globe at the WWDC event scheduled for next week.

iTunes For The iLife!

On the surface, killing off iTunes might seem like a bad idea, but according to industry experts, the application appears to have outlived its purpose. This is more so as most Apple customers have already switched to its standalone apps for such content as podcasts, music or video.

According to the Bloomberg report, there is really no reason for die-hard iTunes fans to despair. Indeed, users of the platform can expect Apple’s own music app to take on most of the functions and features of iTunes.

The iTunes State Of Mind

Terminating iTunes at this point of time is mostly symbolic. Most Apple fans no longer use the app anyway, nor can justify its continued existence when there have long been lots of apps better than it floating around. More, third-party services such as Spotify totally make iTunes worthless by the simple fact of permitting Apple owners to sync up their devices without making use of iTunes.

Therefore, Apple’s planned closure of iTunes shows that it recognizes the shift in consumer tastes, and the importance of offering both peerless software and hardware to its clientele. As sales of Apple devices decline worldwide, boosting profits and cutting costs is to be expected, and this is precisely what Apple is currently engaged in.

iTunes Warriors Prepare For Battle!

While cutting off iTunes makes sense for Apple business-wise, that does not mean it is going to be a popular decision. On the contrary, this move is bound to frustrate and anger some current iTunes users.

More, in the tech world, it is a widely held belief that change breeds such unpleasant emotions as contempt, and contemptuous fellows can be hard to persuade. Such fellows need to bear in mind that the change Apple is making is natural, evolutionary and sensible. Indeed, it should have come as no surprise at all to any tech-oriented individual who has been keeping close tabs on the industry.

Goodbye, iTunes!

Precisely when iTunes will be led to the slaughter and butchered has not been disclosed as of this time. Still, it is expected that the closing of the service will take a few months or so, in order that users can transfer any files they might have stored within.

Other reports are that a few other Apple apps that are either seldom used or seldom upgraded will be subject to improvement. This includes the Mail app, which reports say will be upgraded to offer truly sublime features.

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