Construction projects such development of a new house, renovations, or conversions require the services of an architect. They plan, design, and sometimes follow up for approval services by the authorities. For all of these services, architects charge a fee that differs depending on their experience, region, and quality of services, among other things.

To make work easier for clients and increase transparency, the architects fee calculator is used. Today, such information is available all over the web, especially if you follow the websites of reliable architects.

Components of an Architects Fee Calculator

Most of these calculators come as part of the website or app where users can fill in the prompted details to get an estimated fee for hiring an architect. Here are some of the details found on an architects fee calculator:

Type of project – This is where you fill in whether the project is a new building, renovation, or conversion. Architectural companies have different rates for these projects charged as a percentage of the total cost. This ranges from 5-10%.

Contract type – There are different types of contracts this depends on the architects. Hence, they need to guide users by adding a list of available contracts. Commonly, you will find traditional, lump sum or unit price contracts.

The estimated cost of the project – Of course, they want to know what to charge. As mentioned, many architects charge a certain percentage of the total cost of the project.

How to Know Genuine Architects Fee Calculator

As mentioned, an architects fee calculator would be found on the company’s website. Therefore, you should know the architects who you are using and ensure that they are the best. Visit their official website and use the calculator they have provided.

If they have other links that they have recommended such as third-party websites, then you can also use their calculators. These could also be social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

You can also use an architects fee calculator on reliable and well-known property websites, especially those that list properties in your area. They might have a general calculator to give readers a guideline of what to expect when they approach architects or give links to calculators of specific architectural companies.

Bad Signs to Look for

If an architects fee calculator is prompting you for personal details such as credit card and down payments, then you should think twice. Also, keep away from calculators that want to bind you into a contract immediately. The main aim of these online calculators is to give potential clients an estimate rather than the final figure. When they sit down with the architect, they can come up with a final fair charge.


Architects want to be as transparent as possible on their charges. The competition is high and clients will only go for the one who is as open as possible. As a potential client, you now know how to go about the issue of finding an architects fee calculator.