Parenting has never been uncomplicated but the widespread adoption of mobile phones and the internet has elevated parents’ miseries. You cannot afford to leave your teen girl or boy unsupervised with their mobile phones. The dangers of online bullying, child predation, sexting and scamming have made mobile phone the least secure device to be used by kids. If the excessive mobile phone or social media use of your kids make you concerned, you are not alone. Many parents are worried about the cell phone activities of their children. Their worries make them act like helicopter parents who never want to leave kids unsupervised.

Why You must Not Be a Helicopter Mom

Teens of the digital age fascinate independent and adventurous life in which they do not want to be surrounded by probing parents. They do not like answering about whom they are texting with or what are their plans. They have protected their mobile phones with passcodes to not let anyone access and breach their privacy without their consent. In this situation, if you act like a helicopter mom, it can only annoy your children and weaken your bonding.

There is nothing wrong with feeling protective about children but you should fulfill your obligation keeping the requirements of the time in mind. If your relationship with your kids is not strong enough to make them feel comfortable sharing their every experience, there is something else you need to do. Let your kids enjoy independence without becoming unconcerned. Keep a secret eye on them when and where needed. In this article, we have discussed how you can make use of technology to protect your teens and tweens without becoming helicopter mom or dad.

How Technology Helps Parents

The technologists have introduced different ways to facilitate parents and help them fulfill their responsibility of parenting with ease. If we particularly talk about the online and offline dangers for children, there are tools parents can use to safeguard their kids. One of those tools is cell phone monitoring and parental control app.

There are hundreds of parental control applications developed for parents to monitor and manage the digital lives of children. These apps let you know where your kids are and what they are doing. You can keep tabs on your kids’ activities remaining anywhere in the world. Read on to know how a cell phone monitoring and parental control app let you safeguard your children from the threats in the digital world.

Use of Parental Control & Child Monitoring App

While there are many reliable names to mention, TheOneSpy is one of the most effective and trusted apps for child monitoring and parental controls. Using this spy app, you can track the cell phone activities of your children and stay aware of their online and offline acts. There is no need to ask your kids what they are doing or where they are going. The application will automatically tell you everything you need to know.

Trace their Footprints  

From GPS location to real-life and social media activities, the Phone location tracking apps provides necessary information about your children. You can know where your kids are at the moment and what they are talking about. If they are conversing with a bully or predator, you can turn on the microphone of their monitored smartphones and listen to their conversations.

Keep Tabs on Social Media

The app lets you witness what your kids do on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tinder and many other social and instant messengers. Whether you are social media friend of your kids or not, you can see their posts, comments, friend lists and also read their secret chats. That is not all. You can get access to the data stored on their phones. It includes text messages, phone calls, call logs, contacts, media files, internet browsing history and much more.

Get Access to Confidential Data

The spy app also lets you access confidential information such as passwords and usernames. It records all keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the monitored phone and uploads these keylogs to the online portal of the spy app. The parental control app also let you block, unblock and uninstall applications installed on your kids’ phone.

In short, the cell phone monitoring and parental control app lets you monitor and manage the mobile phone usage of your children to protect them from potential dangers without becoming helicopter parents.