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Are you brave enough to take the fridge photo challenge? Don’t let your fridge food go to ‘waist’


Mar 29, 2019

It’s seen in many a dieter’s home, the fridge magnet that reads ‘A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ but is that slogan a real deterrent when a naughty nibble is desired? Open the fridge door and the best prevention from self-sabotage should be the contents that greet you.

Tristan Lee, The Gorgeousness Coach, offers his top tips on how to keep on track with the help of your favourite domestic appliance.

1. It seems like a ‘no brainer’ but if you keep good foods in the fridge you will eat healthily. Try the ‘one step at a time’ method by chucking out those high fat and sugar laden foods and replace them with two or three of your favourite fruits.
2. If a fridge is practically empty apart from some out of date sauces and a few mouldy carrots, then it’s not surprising people opt for unhealthy choices or even a takeaway. Ensure it is stocked for healthy meal preparation and snacking.
3. The light that shines when you open the fridge door gives a reflection of your general state of health. Take a photo of the contents of your fridge, send it to me and I’ll analyse it for you!
4. Sometimes we do need convenience dinners in our lives but don’t let them be an inconvenience to your diet. Many have a high salt, sugar and fat content so do read the label before you buy. The good news is there are great super salad combinations available on the high street that you can have in the chiller for when you need to eat and run.
5. An easy way to avoid getting lured into the biscuit aisle when shopping is to order online. Make a list and stick to it to help dramatically reduce unhealthy impulse purchases. By having your shopping delivered you can save around an hour a week – time which could be used doing something far more enjoyable!

Send your fridge photo challenges to @realtristanlee on social media for your free analysis of your current state of health and how good your diet is.

For more information on Tristan Lee, The Gorgeousness Coach, visit www.tristanlee.com.