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AVI-8 Watches honour man who inspired character Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby


Aug 13, 2021 #Fashion, #watches

AVI-8 Watches honour man who inspired character Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby

AVI-8 Watches announce the brand new P-51 Mustang Hitchcock Automatic. Inspired by American hero Tommy Hitchcock, who was instrumental in developing the P-51 Mustang, the plane believed to have helped allies invade Germany and win the war.

Tommy Hitchcock led a glamourous life, and was born into a prominent American family. He became a fighter pilot in the first World War, and was taken prisoner by the Germans in 1918. Tommy made a daring escape, jumping from a moving train, and walking 100 miles to safety in Switzerland. After the war he studied at Harvard in America, and then Oxford University in England, where he began playing polo with English aristocratic families. He quickly became one of the greatest polo players in the world, representing America in the 1924 Olympics, and soon became known at ‘Ten Goal Tommy’ – referencing his 10-goal handicap in polo, the ranking reserved for only the most skillful player.

It is generally thought that Tommy Hitchcock was the inspiration for Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby written by Scott Fitzgerald. There have been a number of star-studded movie remakes of the book, with the most recent starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Tommy sadly died in 1944 when his plane crashed while on a test flight for a new version of the P-51 Mustang.

The Hitchcock Automatic is built from the iconic 43mm P-51 Mustang inspired case, featuring a crown guard echoing the engine exhaust of the aircraft. With a beautifully contoured shape, it has been designed to look and feel comfortable. Drawn from both the cockpit and body of the P-51 Mustang, the Hitchcock’s multi-layered dial blends modern watch making sophistication with vintage elements to create a clear and legible dial.

The watch is available to buy now at Avi-8.co.uk, from £275.

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