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BBQ Season is here! Fire up the grill with Chilli No. 5 hot sauce 🌶️

Nothing beats firing up the grill and enjoying a tasty barbecue with family and friends. And, with the May Day bank holiday just around the corner, now is the time to get ready for barbecue season!

The May Day bank holiday is often seen as the start of the summer season in the UK, when Brits can enjoy balmy sun-filled days. And, nothing quite says “summer” than a tasty meal cooked on a barbecue. With a few weeks left until summer starts, there’s still time to stock up on all the essentials for a lip-smacking meal cooked on the grill.

Luxury hot sauce company Chilli No. 5 is helping add extra pizzazz and depth of flavour to barbecue fare with its portfolio of artisanal gourmet hot sauces.

With 10 delicious hot sauces to discover, along with a host of luxurious monthly limited editions, Chilli No. 5 makes it easy to create lip-smacking barbecue dishes at home.

Marinate meats and vegetables in such tempting hot sauces such as Louisiana BBQ, Sriracha Cha Cha Cha, Jamaican Jerk, Perfect Piri Piri, Mexican Fury, and the hot and fiery Forever Phall. Alternatively, drizzle Chilli No. 5’s hot sauces over salads, or use as a tasty dipping sauce for added heat.

Chilli No. 5’s beautifully packaged BBQ Collection gift box is ideal for those seeking a tasty introduction, featuring five hot sauces in sleek tasting bottles, perfect for pairing with barbecued fish, steaks, chicken drumsticks, fresh vegetable skewers, ribs, sausages, and more.

Globally inspired

Inspired by global cuisine, and made with the finest natural ingredients, no matter what style of fare you have in mind for your summer BBQ, Chilli No. 5 offers the perfect pairing.

“I created Chilli No. 5 with the idea of bringing friends, family, and loved ones together to enjoy incredibly tasty home-cooked dishes effortlessly,” Rumble Romagnoli, chilli-enthusiast and founder of Chilli No. 5, said. “Our range of healthy gourmet hot sauces are simply perfect for summer barbecues. Use them as a marinade or as a dipping sauce for food that is not only delicious but also brings people together.”

Not only does Chilli No. 5’s collection of hot sauces make it effortless to create tasty crowd-pleasing BBQ fare, but all of Chilli No. 5’s hot sauces are designed with a healthy diet in mind.

Each of Chilli No. 5’s hot sauces are packed with more than 10 health-boosting superfoods, in addition to six good-for-you supplements, including Inulin, Peruvian Maca, L-Arginine, Guarana, Fenugreek, and Korean Ginseng. Finally, as a brand dedicated to sustainability, all of Chilli No. 5’s sauces come in eco-friendly packaging, including recyclable glass vials and bottles and land-fill friendly pouches.

Fire up the grill with these tasty recipes!

Chilli No. 5’s Superfood Mondays aims to offer culinary inspiration, offering a new mouth-watering recipe each week, with an easy step-by-step video hosted by Chilli No. 5’s chef Adam Purnell.

Our delicious Pan-Fried Scallops with Asparagus and Chilli No. 5’s Perfect Piri Piri hot sauce, as well as our recipe for Flaming Hot Shrimp Burgers with Chilli No. 5’s Louisiana BBQ hot sauce, are two BBQ dishes that are guaranteed to wow!

Prices for the British-made hot sauce start from just £6. Visit chilli-no5.com.