The business policies purchased by the barbershop, salon, and spa owners are referred to as salon insurance. When it is time to buy beauty salon insurance UK, the salon owners should not consider only the cost. They should see the policies at that cover their risks also. Your beauty salon is important to the community it serves. For this reason alone is worth protecting. 

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What Insurance Do Salons Need?

Public liability insurance is important for salons and other trades, it can protect you if someone is injured or their property is damaged because of your business. The business offers between £1 million and £5 million in cover to protect you from this cost. If you have contractors, former employees corner casual workers or temporary staff you have to take employers liability insurance. It covers claims from the employees injured while working for you. The average claim of insurance for a salon is £2894- if the worst happens, could you afford that much?

 Beauty Salon Insurance Policy Details

It is necessary to understand what you need from insurance. The checkpoints given below will help to get you thinking.

  • Read carefully all the documents of the policy and understand any exclusions that apply.
  • You need not take out buildings insurance if you rent your property. Before buying check with your landlord.
  • Even in your own home, if you employ people, you have to take out the employer’s liability insurance legally. If you do not do this, it may cause a heavy fine. 

What Hair And Beauty Salon Insurance Include?

One of the fastest-growing sectors is beauty and you should not be surprised as more and more people invest in self-care. Former people may be looking for Lash extensions. Former Holistic therapy treatments Salon treatments are in high demand. To be a confident that you can go about every day without any stress or worries that an accident claim may arise, salon insurance involves –

  •     Up to £450,000, business interruption
  •     Glass and money cover
  •     Up to £6,000,000 public, product, and treatment liability
  •     Up to £10,000,000 employers liability
  •     Cover for advanced treatments like Microblading and Cryolipolysis.

The salon liability insurance covers the treatments that you are qualified experts in but can be added to when this expands to have some of the more advanced treatments like mesotherapy or laser. 

What Types Of Salons Are Insured?

The companies have a list of beauty, hair, and nail insurance treatments, they offer coverage insurance for a large number of salons. They Include –

  •     Barbershops
  •     Hair salons
  •     Beauty therapists and salons
  •     Nail technicians and salons
  •     Holistic therapists 

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The insurance covers –

  • Treatment liability – You have to be well qualified and stick to the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy.  The treatment you offer is covered if an injury occurs to the client or they get a reaction from the treatment.
  • Public liability – It covers the client in case of an injury at his home or third party premises. It also covers the property if something gets damaged during a visit.
  • Product liability – It covers you when selling products to customers that were recommended or used during their treatment and they come out to be faulty or causing reaction.


There are many reputed companies which are providing insurance for salons across the UK. They understand the general perception to control feelings of confusion and intermediation by other companies. If you are interested in getting the insurance policies the companies offer then do not hesitate to get in touch.