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Bede students create a big bang with GCSEs

A student who is aiming to be a theoretical physicist led the way in the GCSE results from Bede Academy in Blyth.

Aylsha Harris achieved nine grade nines and one seven and is now on course to stay on in the sixth form and pursue her dream, partly inspired by the TV show Big Bang Theory.

“I’m really surprised, I really wasn’t expecting this,” said Aylsha. “We got support from school to make a revision timetable and although it was quite difficult to stick to it I did try. We also had revision sessions most nights and I went to pretty much every one, they helped a lot.”

“I really thought I wanted to do the GCSE exams because we will have to go through it at A-Level and it would have helped, but I also get really stressed with exams.”

Taawsif Chowdhury was one of the top performing boys with two nines, two distinction stars, four eights and three grade sevens.

“I’m very happy, I was expecting lower grades than this,” he said. “I couldn’t concentrate as well at home compared with school so it will be good to come back.”

Taawsif plans to do A-Levels at Bede Academy in maths, physics and business studies with a view to do computer science at university.

Stefan Crown said “revising a lot” had helped him lift his grades considerably as he celebrated three grade nines, five eights and one grade five.

He added: “I had no idea I would get something like this. During the lockdowns I didn’t really enjoy the online work. The live lessons were good but they weren’t the same as real lessons. When I was revising I looked through things that I needed to work on and I’m so pleased that it paid off.”

Stefan will study English language, business studies and psychology at A-Level at Bede Academy sixth form.

Principal Andrew Thelwell said: “Bede Academy students have shown remarkable resilience and character over the past two years so we are delighted that so many have been rewarded for their continued effort. We look forward to many of them continuing with us in the sixth form.”

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