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Best Jokes About Thursday?


Apr 11, 2024 #Thursday

Thursdays are often referred to as the day before Friday, which can bring about mixed feelings for many people. Whether you’re excited for the weekend or still recovering from the mid-week slump, a good joke can always lighten the mood. Here are some of the best jokes about Thursday to give you a good laugh as you make it through the day.

Why is Thursday the most polite day of the week? Because it always says “thank you” right in the name – THUrsday!

What did Thursday say to Friday? “I’m one day closer to the weekend than you are!”

Thursday has often been described as the forgotten day of the week, stuck between the excitement of Wednesday being halfway through and the anticipation of Friday just around the corner. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a day to enjoy some laughs and funny jokes. Here are a few more jokes about Thursdays to bring a smile to your face:

Why did the calendar go to therapy? Because it had too many Thursday issues!

What did Thursday say to Saturday and Sunday? “Why are you guys always hogging all the attention? I’m still here too!”

With its tongue-twisting name and seemingly uneventful reputation, Thursday may not always get the recognition it deserves. However, it’s the perfect time to take a break from the daily grind and enjoy some humor. So, let’s celebrate the often overlooked day of the week with a few more jokes:

What do you call a singing Thursday? A sharp Thursday!

Why did Thursday go to the beach? To catch some rays before the weekend!

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