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Best Location To Travel For Casino Enthusiasts

ByDave Stopher

Aug 22, 2022

With travel and casinos back on track, many might be wondering where it’s best to blow off some steam. It’s time to brush up on your roulette strategies and start booking a get-away to one of these locations.


Many would consider Vegas to be the pinnacle of casino travel, but China also has its secret weapon. Macau is undoubtedly one of the top casino destinations in the world, and it’s certainly number one in Asia. Whilst many in the West may consider this to be a surprising inclusion, in Asia it’s a given.

Macau has many world-famous casinos, such as Wynn Macau, The Venetian Macao, and Hotel Lisboa. Amenities are plentiful, high-rollers are in abundance, and the place all-round oozes high-end gambling.

What’s more is that it’s situated right next to Hong Kong, another popular tourist destination, so there are some good options here.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas in Nevada, US, needs no introduction. It’s gained a cultural monopoly on casino tourism, boasting the likes of MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, and the Bellagio. Both high end and cheaper casinos exist here. Some may say tacky, but there are plenty of classy establishments too.

Vegas has unparalleled entertainment, with many night shows, street performances, interesting restaurants, and all-around lots of fun to be had.


With China difficult to enter currently, we need another option in Asia. Singapore is a great up-and-coming candidate for casino tourism. It boasts a very wealthy economy, being arguably the most developed nation in the world, resulting in some great resorts. Marina Bay Sands, for example, everybody will recognise. This kind of iconic hotel casino is exactly why Singapore is the best option in South East Asia right now. It’s also incredibly easy to navigate.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo in Monaco is a city that is becoming synonymous with prestige and even casinos. Or rather, casino, with the Casino de Monte Carlo being one of the oldest, most prestigious casinos in the world – and certainly Europe. Visiting this country just for this one casino alone would not be weird – it’s James Bond’s casino of course, after all. Plus, the Mediterranean scenery surrounding the area is unbelievable, and the places just ooze class and wealth. You may even catch the Formula One Grand Prix or Rolex Masters when you’re here.

Atlantic City

Over in New Jersey, US, is Atlantic City. This is another city we often think of when talking about casinos. A fun city, and one of decadence if Boardwalk Empire is anything to go by.

Atlantic City hosts the likes of Hard Rock Casino, Caesars, Tropicana, and Borgata Casino. Beyond this, it’s a popular tourist destination for a reason, there’s great culture, music, and an amazing boardwalk and beach. This is one that’s great for a well-rounded holiday.

Final Word

There are some honorable mentions to this list, such as Baden-Baden in Germany (hosting the oldest casino in the world), Morocco in Africa, and Nassau in the Bahamas. Generally, you’re never far from a casino, and even in the Middle East where it’s commonly illegal, the Casino du Liban and options in Cairo exist.