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Best Practices For On-Page SEO To Enhance Your Website

The important purpose of the website page is to optimize the features that are present on the website. Keywords, HTML code optimization, Metadata, a good website structure, quality and freshness of content are the essential components that exist for on-page SEO whereas off-page deals with publicizing the website in others website. Every component is handled and monitored by the SEO Analyst in the website interference. The main aspect to prioritizeon-page SEO is to provide the best quality with regards to the content and technical characteristics. What matters the most to you getting top rankings and blowing your competition out of the water. Plus, more traffic and sales. We can positively help you with this. Check out the packages we offer or let’s build your own package together. You can check Kick Start Marketing Agency for more details about professional SEO services.


Keywords are selected based on the particular concern that signifies to choose the apparent keyword, so Long-tail keyword can be chosen that helps to reduce the number of searches,and it also can lead to having good ranking in the (search engine result page) SERPs. Good formatting of Long-tail keyword by a digital marketing company will lead to producingthe greater possibility of the desired ranking in the search engine. Google’s keyword planner tool is used for keyword research that proposes greater awareness and understanding of the keywords. It has to note that Google’s keyword planner tool also comprises of Google’s Adword portfolio. Understanding Google AdWords with the google adwords course саn surely result іn уоur ability tо increase traffic tо уоur website. Proper usage of Adword campaign after the course is used to yield correct search volume by spending meagre money. With the google Adword уоu саn hаvе access tо оvеr a hundrеd million customers оn thе internet.

Adding And Managing Images And Other Media 

An SEO services in Manchester suggests the major issues faced by images and other media is loading time,i.e., images,and other media files take more time to load, upload in the website. There are a few methods that will be helpful for handling media files. File size less than 100kb can be used for images to have a speed upload.  As the file size increases the time to load the page increases, that can causea problem in ranking factor. Another methodis by saving the media file with a descriptive name. 

High-Quality ContentAnd Length 

Google can easily find a website with longer content,and it identifies the small post as thin content and rejects the search. Even successful competitor blogs and posts will be longer.

It is obvious that every post or blog cannot be too long. Longer content with poor quality will ruin the website credibility so make sure you do your grammar check by using the grammar checker tool before posting. Even if the content of the blog or post might be small,but the quality of the content should be monitored and maintained.

Technical SEO 

Technical SEO comprises of various components that need more attention in on-page SEO guide. The components include site speed, crawl errors, redirects, duplicate content, canonicalization, mobile optimization, sitemaps, markups, structured data, and various HTML tags, such as rel=nofollow. Google search console used to recognize and rectify the errors in the website. Only technical SEO can leadto errors like 404 error.  Robots.txt files can also be uploaded and accessed. It also allows displaying duplicate page, also pages with too long or too short meta titles or meta descriptions. Tools like Siteliner and SemRush that helps to find the problem of the website like duplicate pages, broken links,etc… And also it helps for a complete investigation.