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Best Pruning Shears For Your Gardening Needs

ByDave Stopher

Feb 22, 2021

One of the best gardening tools available is a set of high quality pruning shears. If you like to prune those green, strong fingers and want to do it yourself, read on to find out how to select the best pruning shears for landscaping and roses. There are many benefits and uses for these shears, and by selecting the best one, you can accomplish more than just trimming unwanted growth.

For the best pruning shears, consider purchasing a pair with locking handles. This is highly recommended if you want to be able to secure the pruning shear to its own handle in case it gets lost, accidentally lifted from the plant holder, or pushed into the grass or dirt. It may be tempting to go cheap and purchase a cheap pair of ratchet scissors, but keep in mind that cheap scissors can and will break on you, and they are not nearly as sturdy or reliable as quality ratchet scissors.

If you are purchasing a pair of best pruning shears, make sure the handles screw in securely. Some brands of hand pruners will have screws built into the handles. These are not very common on high quality sets, but if you cannot find a matching handle and do not need the added security, this may be your only option. There is a vast difference between a good pair of ratchets and cheap ones. While you may be tempted to go cheap on these, remember that cheap scissors can easily break and end up in the garbage, while quality scissors will last you much longer.

Some of the best pruning shears have an extra feature that is helpful to many gardeners; an adjustable blade height. The height of the blade can be changed so the gardener can get a proper trim every time they cut their plants. In order to do this, they simply lower the blade so it touches the ground. When the blade is touching the ground, it means the blade has a level of sharpness and can be used at a precise angle.

In addition to getting a great pair of shears, you will want to purchase a pair of locking blades. These blades are useful for protecting your hands, as well as your fingers, if the pruning shears get caught in the cutting blade. Locking blades are built with a metal loop that attaches to the handle.

Whenever you are ready to cut again, simply remove the locking mechanism and the blade will not turn. This is particularly helpful when you are in the middle of pruning and need to quickly complete one of several tasks without having to take the scissors off of the saw.

For pruning branches and other large pieces of hard wood, bypass shears are usually the best choice. Bypass shears allow you to cut through branches and small twigs without damaging the wood. They also come with a locking mechanism that keeps the blade from being accidentally stuck in the cutting blade.