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Bitcoin For Dummies: A Basic Guide


Bitcoin is a part of the umbrella term cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are used electronically to trade goods and services. It uses a decentralized network which only works peer to peer. Any single institution or person does not back it.

The whole network of Bitcoins operates based on the trust that investors and users have. Bitcoins can neither be printed, nor does it have any physical form. The number of bitcoins such as bitcoin champion are available in this world is minimal. The highest amount of bitcoins that it is possible to create is 21 million.

When Was Bitcoin First Introduced?

Way back in 2009, an anonymous programmer under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced Bitcoin, a software that was open-sourced. Rumor has it that Satoshi Nakamoto was an alias and that it could have been a person or a group of persons that created Bitcoin.

Once a person called Nakamoto claimed that he invented Bitcoins and a 37-year-old man residing in Japan.


Yet, because of his English fluency and his software not coded in Japanese, there are doubts that this may not be true. Later in 2010, Nakamoto gave Bitcoin possession in the hands of some influential members of the BTC community and pursued some other interest.

How Is Bitcoin Controlled? And Who Owns It?

Gavin Andreson said that the first thing he took care of after Nakamoto left was that he decentralized Bitcoins even further. Anderson specifically said that no matter what, he wanted Bitcoin to exist as a self-governing currency.

The main advantage that Bitcoins provide is that it is not regulated by any governments, banks, and other corporations. No single institution has the right to impede the working process of Bitcoins. For example, no bank can impose any taxation or service charge on any Bitcoin transaction. Furthermore, Bitcoins’ transactions are as clear as water because it is stored in an enormously shared public ledger called the Blockchain.

So, it gives users and investors total control over their finances, and nobody interferes or questions the transactions that are being made.

What Are The Essential Features Of Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is the new Craze in the trade market. Here are the factors that have made Bitcoin the new trading sensation.

1. Fast

The payment made using Bitcoin is super fast. The total time it takes for someone on the other end to receive the money is around two to three minutes, whereas if money is transferred through banks, it takes several days and sometimes even more than a week.

2. Decentralized

Satoshi Nakamoto’s primary objective while creating Bitcoin was decentralization, meaning he wanted Bitcoins free from any governing authorities. It is designed in such a way where it is not controlled by one entity; instead, every member of the network is responsible for its regulation.

3. Transparent

All the transactions made using Bitcoin are recorded in Blockchain, which is a public ledger, so all the transactions are as clear as water.

What Can I Buy With Bitcoin?

When bitcoin was first launched, people did not know what they could buy using Bitcoins, but in today’s world, you can use Bitcoins almost anywhere for major exam companies like Microsoft and Dell accept payments in Bitcoins.

There are airlines like AirBaltic and Air Lithuania that offer airline services in exchange for Crypotocurrencies. Other options include paying with bitcoins paying at hotels, buying property. Bitcoin is comparatively new compared to other forms of payment; that is why spending is limited, but daily, it increases.

Where Can I Get Bitcoins?

The first thing you will need before buying Bitcoins is that you need a Bitcoin wallet. The two wallets are online wallets that you can access using the Internet, and the other one is a software wallet on your hard drive. You can buy Bitcoins from platforms like bitcoin code, or you can exchange them with cash or other cryptocurrencies.


There is no surety about what Bitcoin’s price would be in the future as it is a highly volatile currency. It could keep making and breaking its record, or it can completely drop down to zero.

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