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Bloggers Promote a Healthy Lifestyle: How to Be Inspired and Healthy

ByDave Stopher

Aug 26, 2019

Almost everybody needs motivation and inspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle. That’s because turning to a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it seems challenging for most people. Many people know the importance of a healthy lifestyle but maintaining it is not easy. For instance, how do you decline an invitation from a friend to have a drink or two while catching up? Or, how do you go to a party with drinking friends and avoid alcohol?

These are just some of the challenges you face once you decide to embrace a healthy lifestyle. However, some bloggers are promoting a healthy lifestyle by inspiring their audiences. These provide friendly advice that can be accessed anytime. By visiting these blogs, you get useful tricks and tips for healthy living. You also read personal stories that inspire you to embrace and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How Important Is a Healthy Lifestyle?

You’ve probably met people struggling to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Some want to know according to AddictionResource how to stop drinking alcohol as a way to start a healthy lifestyle. Others want to stop eating junk foods and instead start preparing their meals. Some even want to exercise regularly and drink more water. These are some of the things you can do to lead a better, healthier life.

But, a healthy lifestyle is challenging to maintain though it has many benefits. Embracing a healthy lifestyle can transform how you look physically. It can increase your lifespan by boosting your immunity. Research has shown that different factors that form a healthy lifestyle have an impact on life expectancy. In addition to enhancing the quality of your life, a healthy lifestyle will boost your emotional health. It will enhance your moods and make you feel better.

However, a healthy lifestyle can have different meanings among individuals. For instance, some people believe that a healthy life means being disease-free. Others believe that a healthy life is about following a healthy workout routine. Some believe a healthy lifestyle is all about following a strict diet and drinking more water. Generally, people have different perceptions of a healthy lifestyle.

Rules of Healthy lifestyles

When you decide to lead a healthy life, you will come across many rules. It’s difficult to keep up with all the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, some healthy living rules are possible to abide by.

These include:

  • Safe and healthy cookware- replacing the endless amount of cheap aluminium pots and non-stick teflon covered pans with harmless, solid cookware is also an important step towards a healthy lifestyle. The best carbon steel pans, or more traditional cast iron cooking gear are worth the price. They are not only better for your health (they are not releasing carcinogenic substances and fumes), but also are much more durable. A good cast iron skillet can last a lifetime!

  • Avoiding processed foods- Most processed foods are delicious but bad for your body. They are packed with preservatives, additives, and sugar. Consuming these ingredients will weigh you down mentally and physically. Therefore, avoiding processed foods and alcohol is a great way to embrace a healthy lifestyle. It helps you in every sphere of life by boosting your physical and mental health.
  • Eat plant-based foods- Plant-based foods will give your body healthy fats, nutrients, vitamins, and fiber. The fact that plant-based foods are high in vitamins and nutrients makes them ideal for anybody fighting addiction or trying to cut down or stop alcoholic drinks’ consumption.
  • Exercise- Exercising doesn’t mean going to the gym every day. There are healthy exercises you can do to keep fit. Even walking or jogging can form your exercise routine. Exercising and giving up alcohol improves every aspect of physical and mental health. Therefore, find out what works for you and come up with a routine that will keep you feeling great.
  • Get adequate quality sleep- Sleep deprivation leads to low energy, poor memory, irritable, drowsy, and negatively changed personality. To have a healthy lifestyle, make sleeping for at least 8 hours per day a priority. Also, avoid alcohol to have better sleep and boost your overall quality of life.
  • Avoid bad habits- You need to kick bad habits like excessive alcohol consumption and smoking to lead a healthy lifestyle. It may take time to cut bad habits but they will always be that. Quitting smoking and drinking will make you feel happier, more vibrant, and healthier.

Inspiring Healthy Bloggers to Follow

There are many bloggers out there ready to inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some of them feature recipes to help you prepare healthy meals. Most bloggers feature recipes for preparing vitamin-rich foods. These are ideal for people that want to stop drinking. Here are some of the bloggers that promote healthy living.

Jessica Sepel

Jessica is an Australian nutritionist who runs a blog titled Jessica Sepel. She shares a wide range of recipes for preparing healthy foods. She also shares tips for healthy living on her Instagram and blog. Her blog features recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner, snacks & sweets, vegan foods, dairy-free meals, drinks & smoothies, as well as salads and side dishes.

Angela Liddon

Angela is a vegan recipe blogger. Her blog has expanded into the best-selling cookbook and an app. Her Instagram feed features a wide range of shots of mouthwatering delicacies. In addition to her veg recipes being plant-based, dairy- and meat-free, they don’t have soy, processed ingredients, and gluten.

Katie Gagliano

Katie is a blogger, a yoga teacher, an online fitness coach, and a mom. She is the brain behind the Healthy Diva Life blog. She uses her blog to share healthy living information. Her blog features information on food, family, fitness, positive inspiration, and style. It covers different aspects of a healthy lifestyle.


Ashlae is a healthy lifestyle blogger that focuses on healthy, fresh recipes. She, however, features occasional travel guides with personal narratives. Ashlae works with seasonal, wholesome ingredients. The majority of her recipes are vegan. Some are gluten-free while others are gluten. She presents a mix that you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and treat yourself once in a while.

Sarah Britton

Sarah runs the My New Roots blog. She features recipes for delicious-looking plant-based foods. Some of these recipes on her blog will make you crave for something green and fresh for dinner. Sarah is also the brain behind the Golden Circle Retreats which combine inspiring cooking classes, nutrition workshops, and nourishing meals with mindfulness and movement in solitude and beauty of nature. You may need the restoration, relaxation, and rejuvenation that come with such retreats when trying to quit drinking.


The Bottom Line

Research has shown that lifestyle is a crucial health factor. Bad habits like smoking, drinking, and eating junk foods are part of an unhealthy lifestyle. Quitting drinking, smoking, eating junk foods, and leading a sedentary lifestyle are some of the things that will improve the quality of your life. It can also expand your lifespan.