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Bongs: the latest trend in the smoking industry!!

ByDarshan Shah

Jul 30, 2020 #health

Bongs, also known as water pipes and binger, are mainly used to smoke cannabis, and in recent years, the trend of the big bong is increasing dramatically because it is quite easy to use them. For many centuries bong is used by smokers who love to smoke weed and cannabis. If we talk about past time, then this is a smoking device made from a bamboo tube. And although it was economical, making it was a complicated process, but as technology improved now, the user can quickly get the best level of bongs made of glass and fiber.

The working style of bongs explained briefly!!

There are numerous sizes and shapes in which bong comes. But mainly every smoker always consumes essential bong services with a bowl and chamber in it and is round in way, which can easily fit in our mouth. And all we need is to create a vacuum, which will help us smoke specific amounts of weed. Now the industry of smoking has improved on the now-massive scale, and this is the ultimate reason why it is regularly growing, and bongs are coming in numerous sizes, shapes, colors, and art.

The bowls attached to this is a smoking device that usually holds weed, which is dry. Moreover, when a smoker will light the plant and try to inhale it, the water present at the bottom of this is a smoking device that will bubble up. And it will provide the vacuum for the smoker, and before the water runs into the chamber and enters into our mouth, the user has to stop at that time so that smoke can quickly come into their body. Although if the smoker is in their initial stage of smoking, then automatically uses big bong is quite a tough task to acquire. But after smoking regularly, they will get to know about the proper level of vacuum they have to make.

Is it harmful?

Yes, without any doubt, the smoking bong is quite harmful to our body because smoking anything is dangerous for our internal system. Along with it, when a smoker smokes marijuana through bongs, they will inhale higher quantity, which can easily ruin their overall health. If the person is burning in a limited amount, then the disturbance level of the internal system will be low automatically. Still, it is rightly said that excess of anything is harmful. But if we compared it with other forms of smoking like vape, joint, and many more, then automatic bong is quite safe.

The most concerning issue about a big bong is that whenever we smoke marijuana through this smoking device, there are higher chances that it can harm our lung tissues. It is mainly because the smoker has to make a vacuum automatically. They have to breathe more and inhale a larger quantity of marijuana in their body. It can automatically disturb our small blood vessels, and it is scientifically proven that if the person is taking more services of lengthy, they can also taste death.

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