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Oct 18, 2019 #Business, #health

A BREAKTHROUGH anti-ageing supplement which is reporting unprecedented results has become a huge international hit within weeks of launching.

Nuchido Time+ – created by scientists working in the North East – was unveiled at an event in Las Vegas earlier this month where it was an instant sell-out.

And since the event the company has received orders for the supplement from across the globe – from as far afield as Korea, Australia and Peru – with people reporting positive results after just a few days of taking the product.

The supplement is the first product from Nuchido, set up by longevity scientist, Dr Nichola Conlon, and backed by some of the globe’s greatest experts in the field of ageing.

Dr Conlon’s work centres around NAD+ – one of the molecules in cells that regulates ageing – which decreases as people age.

While other supplements which replace NAD+ have been created, Nuchido’s results far exceed everything else currently available on the market.

Trials already carried out by Nuchido in middle aged subjects have seen levels of NAD+ increased to the levels of someone 15 years younger.

Since the event in Las Vegas, people who bought the supplement have reported increased energy and vitality in a matter of days after starting on the course.

“We were delighted that the products were so well received and that people are already finding them beneficial,” Dr Conlon said.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of international interest and the results are speaking for themselves.”

Nuchido Time + is available in a 30-day supply for £55 and a 90-day supply for £135, with savings for anyone who signs up for a subscription.

“The supplement is the result of a number of years of work and we are very excited about the results we have seen so far,” said Dr Conlon.

“This is a breakthrough product in the world of anti-ageing and our plan is now to introduce it worldwide.”

For further information about Nuchido please visit www.nuchido.com.