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Brits treat themselves an average of 42 times a year

Brits treat themselves an average of 42 times a year – top reasons for treating ourselves are helping to improve our mood (48 per cent), because it’s the weekend (38 per cent) or after a tough day at work (37 per cent). Some wanted to reward themselves for stepping out of their comfort zone (18 per cent) whilst some even said they treat themselves just so they can post the treat on social media (4 per cent).

The study of 2,000 people found 86 per cent treat themselves as they believe it’s important to their personal wellbeing to give themselves a little boost, although 45 per cent admitted they are treating themselves less at the moment due to the cost-of-living crisis.

From buying a bar of chocolate to a takeaway coffee or splashing out on a beauty treatment and having a lie in, 53 per cent feel happier, 47 per cent more content and 25 per cent calmer after treating themselves. It’s therefore no surprise that one in four (25 per cent) said that even though money was tight, they still thought it was important to put some aside for small treats. 29 per cent agreed they shouldn’t feel guilty for doing something to cheer themselves up or give themselves a boost.

The top treats people enjoy the most was revealed to be consumable items, such as a coffee or a chocolate bar (selected by 41 per cent). A further 21 per cent enjoy something material, like a new handbag.

The ‘glow’ people experience as a result of a treat typically lasts for several hours, according to 34 per cent, although 26 per cent reckon they’ll get a thrill for days as a result.

Commenting on the findings, psychotherapist and bestselling author Anna Mathur states:

“Little treats give us a much-needed psychological lift which most of us could do with right now. Even in times of hardship, it can be beneficial to still treat ourselves.

These treats don’t need to cost much, they could be a coffee and a croissant, or could even be free, like taking advantage of a lie-in. It’s the little things you enjoy that help keep our stress hormones at bay and increase our levels of serotonin (the ‘happy’ hormone), dopamine (which impacts motivation and mood) and oxytocin (the ‘love’ hormone). All of these combined could make a big difference to your day.”

Although many may be being more cautious of their spending due to the current cost-of- living crisis, Brits are still inclined to reward themselves from time to time, with 32 per cent having treated themselves within the past week and 22 per cent in the past month.

Julie Daniels, head of rewards said: “Everyone deserves to feel a little boost – a treat can perk us up when we’re low, or elevate an already good day into a great one.

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Perhaps the greatest treats are the ones we share with others, and sharing is definitely caring for 56 per cent who said they feel more positive after treating someone else. Treats received when least expected were also very much appreciated with two in three (66 per cent) agreeing they get a “magical” feeling when they receive an unexpected treat from a loved one or friend.

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Top 10 things Brits treat themselves to:

1.Chocolate bar                41%

2. Take-away                      27%

3. Glass of wine                 24%

4. Take-away coffee        22%

5. A lie-in                             18%

6. Video game                    16%

7. Meal out                         14%

8. Cake                                 14%

9. Clothes                            12%

10. Skipping the gym       12%

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