Working out does more than merely creating an aesthetically pleasing figure. It is a way of adding energy to our muscles, training and honing our bodies, and helping to keep our fitness high and our bodies healthy and primed.

There is a range of exercise types, from cardio to strength training, Pilates to team sports, and each has its benefits and advantages. The exercise regime you pick is personal to you and should be tailored to your unique interests and strengths. This will help you to get the most out of your workout and motivate you to stay on track.

Here are our top tips to help you to get the best from your workout, and reach your peak potential.

Mix It Up

As human beings, we are creatures of habit and often prefer to stick with the way things are once we know that they work. Our workouts are no different—once we have found something we can do, we like to keep doing it, knowing we can predict the results and remain in charge.

Mixing it up, however, can result in a better and more thorough workout. Different exercises help to target different areas of the body, so you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage if you don’t try new things. Your core is the focal point of your strength, but it can often be neglected, and this can affect balance and flexibility. Be brave, grab a buddy, and try something new. Your body will thank you for it!

Focus On Flexibility

For many men, the purpose of a workout is seeing how fast they can go, how hard they can push themselves, and how much they can lift. While these are important, they overlook a crucial area: flexibility. Regular stretching of the muscles is essential for maintaining overall well-being, as well as reducing your chances of injury.

The hamstrings, shoulders and lower backs are areas which need specific attention and should be regularly stretched and worked to prevent injury. Stretching can also help to reduce stress, allowing for a clearer mind and more focused workout. Thankfully, classes such as yoga and Pilates are becoming more common and popular for men, so take the plunge and look after your muscles.

Go Slowly

In a society which offers instant gratification, it can be tempting to read one review of Nutrisystem for men and assume that you are now a personal trainer. In reality, progress takes time, effort and dedication. Pushing yourself too hard, too fast could result in injuries which could jeopardize your health and fitness, and a slower workout could prove more beneficial.

For example, when weightlifting, lifting slowly for seven to ten seconds a time increases the amount of time the muscles are tense, and as a result, increases blood flow. This helps to develop and improve muscle mass more effectively, resulting in a better workout. While there are times when that fierce competition can help, make sure you mellow now and then.