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Forum Helps Mindset for Businesses

The North Tyneside Business Forum held an event to address mental health in the workplace to help businesses banish the winter blues. The event, at Tynemouth 61, Guest House and Tea Rooms featured speakers offering insights and strategies for fostering well-being and resilience at work.

The speakers each brought a unique approach to supporting mental health through their own expertise and years of experience. More than 60 North Tyneside businesses were represented at the event.

Polly Brennan from Adventure Coaching used her passion for outdoor sports and her experience as a mental health coach and occupational therapist to deliver ‘Pack Your Mental Fitness Kitbag,’ a journey to develop your own Mental Fitness Kitbag. Delegates discovered essential tools to navigate life’s challenges and enhance their overall well-being.

From the great outdoors to indoor design, Carole Crowe asked the important question ‘Does Your Interior Make Your Heart Sing?’

Carole, a qualified interior designer and counsellor, explored the profound impact of a well-designed and energised workspace on creativity, productivity, and overall well-being. She shared insights into simple techniques for transforming your workspace or home office into a nurturing environment for the soul.

Kelly Oliver-Dougall – Founder of Unisus, shared her entrepreneurial journey, challenges faced, and how she maintained positivity during tough times. Participants gained inspiration, motivation, and practical tips to overcome obstacles and achieve success from her talk entitled Business Challenges and Positivity.

Michael James, Chair of North Tyneside Business Forum said:

“As a Business Forum we wanted to let people know that we are aware of how businesses are often very quiet in January, and the knock-on effect that can have on business mental health. Our Empowerment event was designed to supply high-level support and inspiration for the year ahead. We have some great businesses across the region who provide excellent support and the three speakers all shared some practical tips to help people banish the January Blues.

“Mental well-being in the workplace is one of our key priorities and I’ve had some great feedback from members on the day who got some great tips from the sessions and enjoyed the less formal, relaxed environment.”

The North Tyneside Business Forum is run by a management group made up of members from various industry sectors in the Borough and gives support in the form of networking, events and signposting for growth and development. Membership is free and open to any business of any size trading within North Tyneside. The Business Forum is supported by North Tyneside Council.

The Forum is FREE to join and is for any business with a trading address in North Tyneside.

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