Newcastle-City-Council-LogoMore than sixty people attended the discussion at Newcastle Civic Centre on Thursday evening, chaired by the leader of Newcastle City Council, Cllr Nick Forbes.

The meeting, similar to the council’s Policy Cabinets, was designed to air opinions following the Referendum decision to leave the EU and give reassurance that the council and its partners will do all that they can to maintain confidence and stability in the city.

Attendees at the meeting agreed this is not a time for panic and that Newcastle is still open for business with the rest of the world. There was strong agreement that the council and the business community should engage and work together to shape the future and achieve the best outcomes not only for Newcastle but for the region.

Cllr Nick Forbes, said: “As leader of Newcastle City Council it is my role to ensure that our city is protected and not divided as we consider the implications of an exit from the EU.

“There is obviously a lot of uncertainty at the moment but I am confident that in coming weeks and months things will become clearer. The referendum was divisive with strong views on both sides but it’s important that everyone now comes together for the good of the region and the country.

“Our meeting with business leaders has given us an opportunity to listen to their opinions and concerns and I can assure them we will pass those on in our dealings with Government to help influence the important decisions that will be taken.”

Mark Thompson, Managing Partner at Ryder Architecture said: “It is great that Newcastle has taken the lead in engaging with business leaders to discuss how we can move forward following the result of the referendum last week.”

“What we need to do right now is main a positive outlook and more than anything the region needs to speak to the single voice”