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Buying a wheelchair: Getting the right design and tech at the right price

ByDave Stopher

Sep 6, 2019 #health

Any device that can help with walking or improve the mobility of the elderly injured, or disabled qualify as disability mobility devices. The wheelchair is the most popular choice of assisted mobility device. It is convenient, comfortable, and it allows the user to explore the outdoors as well as the indoors without any trouble.

What wheelchair types should you consider before buying one?

Wheelchairs with modern technology are not as expensive as they used to be. That has only made it more challenging to choose the right kind. Some lucky folks will already have a specific type recommended by their physical therapist or doctor. If you have no idea regarding how to pick a mobility aid, here’s a brief guide –

  1. If you intend to use a wheelchair independently, look for one with larger wheels. They will offer larger clearance, and they are often easier to move around as compared to transit wheelchairs with smaller wheels.
  2. In case you only need a wheelchair during long waits outdoors, or during long transits, you should consider folding wheelchairs. It is ideal for the elderly and the disabled, who can use other mobility assist devices like a cane or a pair of crutches, occasionally.
  3. Folding wheelchairs are great if you are looking for one that you can fold and stuff in the boot of the car. These weigh around 40 pounds. So, you might need to consider some help while putting it in the trunk even if you are fully capable of moving around without the wheelchair for short distances.
  4. Users with an active lifestyle of playing tennis or basketball might want to consider a different set of wheels for their wheelchair. These are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and faster than the traditional larger-wheeled chairs.
  5. Motorized wheelchairs are great for all ages and all types of mobility challenges. It does not require forearm strength, and controlling it is as easy as mastering a joystick. They are power-packed, and they can help you overcome all challenges related to mobility you might be facing right now.
  6. Lightweight wheelchairs with recliners are ideal for those who spend a lot of time using their mobility assist devices. The new-age lightweight chairs are adjustable and highly customizable. You can check them out at your nearest disability mobility devices store or online.

Experts always recommend trying out a disability mobility device before investing in it. What is comfortable for your friend or neighbor might not be equally convenient or useful for you. Getting a recommendation from your doctor or occupational therapist can be of tremendous help in picking out the right design and tech for your daily use.

The process of choosing a mobility device like a wheelchair can be more complicated without much-needed help. Consider all six types of chairs, your lifestyle, fitness level, and daily activities before you decide to invest in one. Check out multiple stores, online and offline, to find the best deals.