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Camping amid the Pandemic: a Practical Guide to Note


Apr 20, 2021

Even in the pandemic, going camping and being one with nature is still a great way to unwind and relax. After months of total lockdowns and stay-at-home protocols, it is great to finally bask in the sun and be outside of your home for once.

Camping is one of the few activities that is not considered high-risk to contracting the virus. Because there are a few activities that are okay to do during the pandemic, a lot has indulged in camping, which is a great activity to try, especially after isolating for a long time. It’s not good for anyone’s health.

The spike of interest in camping is not surprising. A lot of people are checking out camping, and that’s a great thing to do. There’s always room for first-time campers. As the spring is finally approaching, it’s getting warmer and warmer in time for summer. It is the perfect time to go out and have fun in the woods.

Learn some essential tips before you drive out of the city.

But before gearing up and start heading to the woods, you need to follow some guidelines. Yes, camping is a low-risk activity, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow the health protocols.

Settling on the Location

First on the bucket list is finding the perfect place to go camping. Your destination determines the kind of ambiance and activities that you can try. The best ones to try are the least popular ones. The advantage of this is you will not risk overcrowding. It is also more adventurous to go to a less known area. There are a lot of possible locations across the United States. There’s an abundance of national parks that are great for first-time campers who seek to be with wildlife.

Bringing the Essentials

When you finalized the location you’ll go to, it’s time to zero in on the things to bring. For first-timers, remembers that this is camping. You will not check into a 5-star hotel. Do not expect that the things you lack will be magically be given to you if you request them. Always think of the necessities in camping like a tent. A good old tent will be good to stay in and spend the night in. What you also need to look for in a tent is its suitability per season. Some tents work best for a specific season. Make sure that you bring the one that’s best for the season you’re in.

In terms of the gear and outfit to wear, comfort must be the top priority. Do not mind the style and all. Just make sure that you are bringing the right gear. Bring sturdy jackets that can protect you from harsh weather. Footwear is also important. Make sure that they can withstand rocky and muddy terrains. Get the best outdoor boots for men and women online or at the nearest camping store near you. These shoes are meant to withstand harsh and challenging conditions. It’s also a good investment if you plan to keep on camping more often from now on. Other things you must bring are a flashlight, sleeping bags, batteries, lighter, first-aid kit, maps, repellent, and sunscreen.

Remember: leave no trace. Make sure that you leave as you never arrived in the place. Respect the wilderness. All trash must be kept and thrown later. Do not cause any destruction while you are there.

Checking the Food

For your meals, decide if you want to bring some that were already cooked or if you want to cook on the campsite. Remember that less hassle would be better for this trip. Do not stress yourself with a lot of food preparations. Prepare only what is essential and what is needed. If you opt to make food on the campsite, the heating source can be from the campfire or a camp stove. If that is the case, you might also have to bring some pans and cookware.

Remember the Health Protocols

COVID-19 is still raging on. As such, health protocols must still be in place. If there are other people within the vicinity of your campsite, always practice social distancing. Bring your masks at all times, especially if in a crowd. Sanitize as often as possible.

These are just the practical tips you can follow, especially for first-time campers. Even in the pandemic, recreational activities such as camping must be encouraged to benefit everyone’s physical and mental health. Just remember to practice health protocols and keep in mind that there is still the virus even outdoors. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the wilderness.

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