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Can A ‘Statement’ Car Really Impact Your Success?


Apr 27, 2018 #Posh, #Statement car

If you’re already in business then one thing is certain – you’ll have drive. No doubt you’ll have the drive to succeed, achieve and create results both for yourself personally and for the business that you own/run. But when it comes to business, does it matter what you drive as much as it does to have drive? Does the car you use make any difference whatsoever, or can a ‘statement’ car really impact your success? Here we look at the issue of your vehicle that is valid by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, not your personality, we consider whether you should think about investing in something special, and maybe even bespoke number plates. To find out whether or not this can make a difference, just read on.


We all know that how you present yourself can have an impact on others, so why shouldn’t your car be considered as part of the presentation? Are you looking to inspire your employees, to show them what hard work can achieve, and what the trappings of success can bring? A great car will certainly get attention and make a statement, as will the accessories, such as number plates. But you do have to be mindful of what this statement is actually saying. The aim is to inspire, not to belittle and to hopefully encourage others to aim high. But it can be so easy, if you’re not careful, to make people feel like they are funding your excesses through their hard work – this is not the result you want.

But then there are not just your employees to think about when it comes to business. What about your clients or suppliers, or even more, your investors. Again there is a fine line to balance here. Show too little and they will not feel like your business is doing well, and this may impact on the relationship. However, show a little too much and they may take the view that you are taking money from the business for personal pleasures, rather than re-investing for the good of the business.


You must also be minded of the issue of usage. In today’s environmentally conscious world, high performance cars can make completely the wrong statement. As a business person, they can also be economically the wrong choice. If you cover many miles, performance may have to be sacrificed for fuel-efficiency. Others will notice your choices for each occasion, and as such acknowledging your businesses footprint will be well received. Perhaps it’s best to save the ‘statement’ car for the office run. Or combine statement with economics for a better result all round.

In business you will be noticed for your choices. The good ones may get a cursory nod of approval, but it is the bad ones that people will talk about day after day, and one thing that’s tough to overcome in business is bad publicity of any kind. It can impact morale, performance and indeed the business as a whole. From the way you present yourself to the manner in which you get around, all of these factors need to be considered from many different angles – your own, that of your employees and also your clients and investors. Your choices therefore matter and should be made carefully and with full consideration of all of these factors.

What is true is that ‘statement’ cars do indeed make a statement. The only problem is the actual statement that they make – do not alienate your employees, investors or clients by making the wrong choices, that can be costly, but then again, do not be too proud to demonstrate and enjoy your successes, others will appreciate this. The aim is to inspire others to achieve what you have yourself achieved, but not in your place. You want everybody, including yourself, to do well, and this is a great statement to make.

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