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Can gambling be resorted to for a steady income

There have been many concerns reading gambling, especially the fact that many societies believe it to be addictive. However, that is debatable but what we can agree on is that gambling has been part of our societies since the beginning of the time. Before going into any definitions, one should ponder both of the sides. The fundamental question is; whether gambling can be used for good, in this matter, for a steady income. This can be answered in certain ways.


Gambling has been part of our civilizations since the beginning of time. The most ancient evidence of betting can be found in the Chinese civilization, where kings used to gamble in their courts to pass their time. Though initially the activity was restricted to the elites of the society, soon it made its way to the local public who started to bet on various things. One thing that has to be mentioned is that many of the card games were not invented at that time.

How does gambling help to uplift the economy?

Alone in the US, the Commercial Casino industry generated $ 41.7 in the 2018 Fiscal year. This is expected to rise as the world is now opening up for business. Since the gambling industry has been long used to help revive the economy, it is also a lucrative way to bring investment in the area. Vicinities with Casino in it are most likely catch the eye of the public, and when the area becomes a hub of public activities, Investors look up to it.

The tool of growth:

Many of the countries have now legalized the Casino industry, especially that of playing on online casinos like Most of being in the view that it helps in the local employment, tax revenues, and growth in retail sales. This is because Casinos help in attracting the crowd to the place and in turn helps boost the local economy. This also increases the price in the place, and local employment is boosted.


Casinos are places where huge amounts are dealt with every single day. Casino houses pay their employees hefty salaries due to which the employees can meet their ends. The basic thing most of the workers suffer is that they don’t get paid for the worth of their sweat. Since there is no dearth of money in the gambling industry, employees are much-taken care of. This sets a precedent in the area, and hence makes the lives of the works better.

Steady income:

Many people gamble for fun, and others do it as a profession. There are people like Billy Walters, whose net worth is $200 million. This is one such example of a professional gambler. Now the question is whether there is any such thing as a professional gambler. This can’t be answered by words but by examples of those who have done it. Many people gamble as a profession. They not only gamble but also appear on various shows and have also written many books on the subject. Chris Moneymaker and Edward thorp are some examples that are not just on top, but their skills are very well known across the globe.

Can gambling restore the economy?

There have been many instances where countries have used gambling as a means to help the economy. After world war 2, Japan allowed people to gamble to help with the economy, and the tax returns from the casino industry helped the US government a lot In matters of economy. Can it be used to help the economy? Yes, only if other measures are also taken. Alone it can’t do anything but with a proper plan and other government measures, it can happen.


Gambling attracts crowds from all over the world. In 2018, Macau received 35.8 Million tourists hiking the hotel revenue up to 4.2 billion euros. It was an increase of more than 14 per cent. The center of attraction that casinos make the place not just uplifts the place but also boosts the economy.


If done with thought and caution, gambling can be used to help oneself not just individually but also in the place. It promotes high-salary jobs, universal income, and many professional gamblers are using it to earn regular amounts.

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