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Can you guess the famous movie and TV scenes in these puzzling brain teasers?

Fancy yourself a bit of a film and TV buff? These clever brain teasers are famous scenes from films and TV but in cartoon form. Can you guess what they are? 

Home and contents insurance providers, SO SURE, has used subtle clues to recreate popular scenes where items and property have been damaged in iconic films and TV series. The puzzles are designed to let people put their knowledge of pop-culture to the test and see how quickly they can solve them.  

Clues include broken baubles, Popeye, and secret passageways, but the average person can still only get two of these tricky brainteasers in less than five minutes.  

SO SURE has also worked out the total cost of damages from each scene, so you can see how much your favourite characters had to fork out on repairs. See the bottom for the answers. 

1. The broken basement 

£417 worth of damage 

We’re sure you’re not alone if you can’t get this one  

2. The abandoned lodge  

£1,800,000 worth of damage 

Can you spy the clues in this one?    

3. The messy mansion 

£616 worth of damage 

This one is sure to get you all choked up  

4. The destroyed mall 

£80,030 worth of damage 

Try looking at this one upside down  


  1. Home Alone 
  2. Sky Fall 
  3. Wolf of Wall Street  
  4. Stranger Things 

You can find these and more entertaining brainteasers here.

Senior Marketing Manager, Gabriel Cabral at SO-SURE commented:   

“At SO-SURE, we like to have fun, and who doesn’t love sitting down with a puzzle or tricky trivia? That’s why we have recreated famous scenes from films and TV, using subtle clues to put your knowledge to the test. For a bit of extra fun, our team tried to solve them and most of us could only get two. Now it’s your turn to challenge your friends and family and see who has the best pop-culture knowledge!”