Whether you have recently purchased a new car or have been driving one for a long, you must take care of your car. Similarly, car maintenance is important regardless of whether your car is an SUV or a minivan, a gas car, or an electric one. Keeping your car maintained can help keep it at its best.

If you are looking for some guidance and general tips on car maintenance, we have provided you with seven tips to help keep your automobile in optimal condition.

Carry out regular inspection

At least once a week, inspect your car thoroughly to identify any issues. Check for general wear and tear, damages, or punctures. Similarly, check whether all the components are working as intended, such as the doors, windows, and sunroof. If you notice any issues, get them corrected quickly. If ignored, the issues can escalate further and lead to functionality issues and increased repair costs.

For example, if your car’s window tint is damaged, get them repaired by window film installation service providers to protect yourself from the sun’s glares and accidental scratches on the window.

Check the tire pressure

Incorrect tire pressure can lead to various problems. For instance, it can affect the car mileage, driving up the per-mile costs. Similarly, it can also hamper the comfort and handling of the car. To avoid these problems, make sure that you check the tire pressure every week or if you feel a difference in the pressure yourself. Keep the tire pressure at the car manufacturer’s recommended level in the owner’s manual for best results.

Wash and wax your vehicle

Washing your vehicle every month or so provides multiple benefits. For instance, it can help protect your car’s paint by clearing away any dust, dirt, or road salt stuck on your vehicle. Road salt can rust and corrode your vehicle. Washing your car can help protect against them. Additionally, car washing also helps improve the aesthetic value of your car.

In addition to washing, you can wax your vehicle every six months to provide additional protection. Waxing puts a protective seal between the car and exterior elements, increasing your car’s paint’s longevity.

Clean the windshield

The windshield is one of the most important components of your car. Having a dirty or a damaged windshield can hamper your vision while driving. This can even lead to accidents. Thus, for safe driving, make sure to clean your windshields before you take your car for a ride. Use a microfiber cloth and remove any dust or other particles accumulated.

Similarly, in addition to cleaning the windshield, check the car wipers before the rainy season. Make sure that they are functioning properly as it can hamper your driving, especially during heavy rains. Replace them if needed.

Cover your car

When not in use, it would be best that you keep your car covered and protected against sunlight, trees, and birds. This can help protect your car’s exteriors and interiors from damage and enhance the vehicle’s performance and life. For instance, exposure to the sun can make the paint look dull and remove layers of paint, making it susceptible to damage. Thus, when not in use, put a cover on your car or, better, park it inside the garage.

Keep repair tools handy

You never know when your car might fail on you and require repairs. This situation can become stressful, especially on long trips. Thus, it is a good practice to carry some basic maintenance tools with you all the time. For example, your car’s battery can die unexpectedly on a trip. If you have the right set of tools, such as a jumper cable and protective gloves, you can jump start your car by seeking help from another car driver.

Thus, have a basic toolkit in your car at all times. You might need it unexpectedly.

Have it checked by experts

Sometimes, your car might need professional expertise as you can’t fix the issue. In such cases, take the car to an authorized service provider. They will carry out a detailed inspection of your vehicle, identify the issue correctly, and carry out the necessary repairs. Additionally, the maintenance records can help increase the resale value of the car.

Car maintenance may seem difficult, but it isn’t. You just need to take care of your vehicle the right way, focus and repair the issues at the right time to enhance the performance and the life of the vehicle. You can also get a higher resale value for your car if you keep it well-maintained. So, what’s your excuse now for not taking care of your travel companion?