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Caribbean Escapes with a St Thomas Boat Rental

ByDave Stopher

Jun 3, 2021

The Caribbean is a beautiful part of the world. Encompassing beautiful beaches, exciting coves to explore, history and culture, it is an amazing place for you and the family. Thanks to much of it being reachable by boat, seeing it using a St Thomas boat rental, sailing from location to location is a great way to experience it.

In this post, we look at the boat rental options using a reputable firm such as Nautal. It promises to be an exciting read.

Your Nautal Boat Rental

When visiting the Caribbean many opt for a Nautal boat rental. The vessels on offer can be hired for an hour to several days and depending on your sailing qualifications, you can hire them with or without a crew.

The following gives you an idea of what kind of boats are available to hire:

  • Motorboats– Zip around the Caribbean coastline while enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the spray coming off the sea.
  • Catamarans – These twin hull beauties are a wonderful way to sail the clear blue waters. They come in all shapes and sizes to match your group so perfect for families.
  • Sailing boats– Gracefully sail from place to place, enjoying the peace and tranquillity a St Thomas boat rental has to offer.

Once you have your boat you are free to sail and explore the Caribbean.

Seeing the Caribbean Using a St Thomas Boat Rental

Once you have your boat rental it is time to get out there and sail. Let’s look at some of the things you can do and see:

Visit the Islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico – These two islands are part of the Caribbean and are amazing places to visit. Why not enjoy a visit to Havana or San Juan.

Mexico – From golden sand beaches, historical ruins, to a fast-paced music culture, Mexico has it all. You can sail around the Gulf of Mexico taking in the glorious coastline or simply enjoy the view of the endless ocean from the deck of your boat.

Sail the Islands – The Caribbean islands will feel like they were purpose bbuilt for your St Thomas boat rental. There are so many coves, beaches, and things to see that you’ll not be able to see them all on one visit. Arguably it would be more sensible to focus on a few this year, and a few more the next year. Islands here include:

  • Barbados– With temperatures in the high 20s as a minimum, this legendary island is known for sunbathing, its views, its food, and its culture. Many opt for the rum tasting tour and given you’re on a Nautal boat, it feels like a natural fit.
  • Jamaica– A million visitors a year and even more things to do, Jamaica is a fabulous place to go. It is packed with all the things you’ll expect a Caribbean island to have.
  • Saint Lucia– For many Saint Lucia is the pick of the bunch. It is a volcanic island with sugarcane plantations enveloped in gorgeous sandy beaches.

With a St Thomas boat rental, the world is your oyster!