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May 12, 2022

We develop parasocial relationships with celebrities even without knowing it. One day, you learn that your celebrity crush enjoys strength training. And the next day, you start researching what strength training entails and why it’s good for the body. Before you even realize what you are doing, you sign up for a gym membership and start lifting weights. Is this normal? Of course, it is! Celebrities represent the qualities we admire in other people – work ethic, fun personalities, the ability to have it all, balancing work and life, etc. So, we find ourselves emulating some of what they do to better ourselves. And there is nothing weird about that.

If you love bingo, you will be happy to know that many celebrities feel the same way about this game. They enjoy it so much that they are open about it and even play it online. That means that as you sign up on the best UK bingo sites, there’s likely a celebrity doing the same thing. And you could eventually play against them one day! Who are these celebrities?


Cristiano Ronaldo

What comes to your mind when you think of this star? Football? – An athletic build that’s sure to push him through any game? Well, you can now add bingo to that list! When Ronaldo was starting in football, his English was not so good. So, he figured that he could work on it by playing bingo – what an interesting way to go about it. Most people would have signed up for a language class. But as his stats would show, Ronaldo is not like most people, so he took the road less traveled. Eventually, he became so good at bingo that he fell in love with how easy yet entertaining it was. He even started winning awards in the games. And as a bonus, his English became so good that his conversations with Ferguson became much more effective. What a twofer!


Catherine Zeta-Jones

People who grow up playing casino games know how to play their cards well. They understand how to use proven strategies and often leave other players floored with their well-calculated moves. Catherine is one such player, having started playing online casino games at a tender age. She graduated to playing more intricate games as the years went by and eventually found her happy place in bingo. Catherine loves the game so much that she hosts online bingo parties at her residence. People who attend the parties play against each other, and the winners take home the lion’s share of the pooled funds. How great would it be to get an invite to one of these shindigs?


Sharon Osbourne

Like many celebrities, Sharon is not a stranger to a stressful workload and life. For a long time, she battled with the need to destress but could not find a fun and effective avenue. She finally came across bingo and could not believe what a gem it was. In no time, she was learning how to win the game. And while the game had a tad of competitiveness, it was still fun and was not adding to the stress she already had. Instead, it was helping her work through the stress and come up with solutions. It thus makes sense that she became so good at it that she started winning awards. And that only added to her fame.


Prince William

How often do you play online bingo? Once a week? Once a month? Or are you a daily type of player? If you fall into the latter group, you will be happy to know that Prince William also plays online bingo as much. That’s right! Even the royals cannot help but get their hands on this exciting game. The prince has been open about his love for the game. He even states that he spares a few hours each day to get his game on – that is how much he loves this game! So, yes, bingo is a game suited for anyone.


Kate Moss

People do different things to work through divorces. Some hold parties and celebrate their newfound freedom. Others become recluses and work through their feelings in their time. And others find a new hobby that gives them something to look up to. That’s how Sadie Frost and Kate Moss worked through a divorce. They would play online bingo games! Who would have ever thought this was another way to push some feel-good hormones coursing through the human system? Spoiler alert – any avid bingo player would! The games did not end once the reality of the divorce had settled on the duo. Instead, they kept playing the game and included even more people in it, creating a family pastime. How heartwarming is that!


Robbie Williams

Back in the 20th century, churches and other organizations popularized bingo as a way to raise money for charity events. And it worked like a charm because soon enough, the bingo halls were crowded with people eager to buy tickets to help the needy. It also helped that there was a chance to socialize and even make money out of the game. In the 21st century, Robbie has reintroduced this form of gameplay. He is known for playing online bingo games to raise awareness and funds for charity. But his love for the game does not start and end at these events. Instead, he also hosts games for his friends, where he enjoys casual gameplay geared at nothing but pure fun.


Why online bingo? There are numerous reasons why celebrities and their fans enjoy playing online. The reasons include:

  • The convenience of the game,
  • The variety of the options,
  • The ability to socialize, and
  • Its positive effects on mental health.

What’s your motivation? Whatever it is, we can all agree that this game is here to stay and is only set to get better. Who knows? You may play against your favorite celebrity in the metaverse soon. In the meantime, be sure to have loads of fun!


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