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Tips For Playing Online Slots


May 11, 2022

Slot games have been around for decades. They began as land-based penny slots before transitioning online and offering gamblers innovative new features like bonuses and jackpots. The online landscape also introduced the concept of video slots, which combine slot games with console video games rather than being based on old-school fruit machines. Still, even with all of the innovation, the premise of slot games has remained the same — they are games based on luck and luck alone. That being said, there are a few tips and tricks gamblers can use to point them in the right direction.

Preparation Is Key

For starters, individuals should look at the return-to-player (RTP) percentage of a slot game before hitting spin/play. Players can use the RTP to get an idea of how much a slot is forecasted to return out of the money wagered. Let’s consider online casino platforms like Paddy Power. Individuals can find high RTP Paddy Power slots that provide regular wins, as well as lower RTP, higher variance games where players can win bigger sums. There are also many middling RTP slots if you prefer a mix of both, such as Chilli Picante Megaways and Big Fishing Fortune.

The middle ground is popular with players, since the RTP is theoretical, players often disagree on the best RTP slots to play. Regardless of your opinions on what level of RTP to go for, looking at these details before going into a game has additional benefits. At the very least, it makes gamblers more well-rounded as they learn about the different industry-specific and technical jargon. Being up to date with gaming terms helps you understand and enjoy the experience more, which applies to any sort of gaming.

Another tip for playing online slots is to familiarise yourself with key features. Some of these features include a paytable, paylines, and free spins. Before even playing a slot game like Rainbow Riches, individuals will want to look at its paytable, which is a graphic that informs players if there are unique features in a game. For example, if someone sees a bonus symbol on a slot’s paytable, this hints that the game will have a bonus round somewhere in it. Gamblers can look at a paytable like a legend on a map since it lays out all of the symbols they will encounter and provides the necessary information needed to make decisions.

Knowing where wagering requirements come into play is also important in ensuring players get the most out of their experience playing online slots. A wagering requirement refers to the amount of cash a player has to bet before they can make a withdrawal. Fortunately, gamblers don’t have to be blindsided by these requirements when they claim a bonus since there are formulas for calculating how much they have to play before making real money withdrawals. For example, let’s say someone claims 5 free spins with a 5x wagering requirement, and they win £5. To find out the wagering requirements, they would multiply their free spins wins (£5) by the wagering requirement (5). This calculation would equal 25, which means this player would have to meet wagering requirements of £25 before making a cash withdrawal.

Doing mathematical calculations is much more complex than looking at different RTP slot games and brushing up on the different features in a game, such as the difference between scatters and wilds. However, all of this knowledge is good to have. Just because slot games are based on luck doesn’t mean there aren’t any preparations to be done to make it a seamless experience. The same applies to all types of luck-based games, including video games and board games.

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