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Cellnutrition partner with Irish health and fitness blogger, Maeve Madden


May 13, 2017

Sunderland-based mineral supplement specialists, Cellnutrition, has partnered with leading health and fitness blogger, Maeve Madden in their quest to rid the world of mineral depletion.

Cellnutrition CEO, Nicola Abbott said about the partnership: “We are delighted to have partnered with Maeve Madden and to have her as a Brand Ambassador for our Quinton product.”

Quinton is a 100% natural mineral supplement containing 78 minerals and trace elements and comes in two main forms, Hypertonic and Isotonic. Quinton Hypertonic begins your day with a boost. Designed for days when an extra spurt of energy is needed, our natural Hypertonic formula is perfect for fortifying and energising your cells. Quinton Isotonic gently replenishes the minerals and trace elements missing from your system. Perfect for winding down at the end of the day, it aids a good night’s sleep. Quinton is the world’s only 100% natural and bioavailable nutritional supplement to nourish your cells with 78 minerals and trace elements in the precise proportions they require to be strong and healthy.

Maeve Madden is a Fitness/Commercial Model, Actress, Lifestyle Blogger, Personal Trainer and former professional dancer, born and raised in Ireland. From a young age Maeve always had a passion for fitness, health and beauty. Maeve’s drive to share her secrets for becoming the best version of you has earned her a loyal social media following of over 115,000. With her honest lifestyle struggles especially with bloating, Maeve is very well respected in the fitness, lifestyle & beauty sector.

Ms Abbott continued to describe how: “This is a very natural fit for us as Maeve has been a great advocate of our products in the past and continues to use them after seeing the many benefits they offer. We take an alternative approach when it comes to selecting our brand ambassadors as we want them to love the product just as much as we do and have the same values. Like us, Maeve genuinely cares about, not only her own health but, health and fitness for all and it was this quality that drew us together.”

Of the partnership Maeve has commented: “I am so excited to be working with Cellnutrition, since adding their products into my daily lifestyle, not only have I noticed a huge difference in how less frequently I have been bloating but even my followers on Snapchat and Instagram have seen a difference in a whole host of ailments that had otherwise stumped them as to how to treat them.”

Maeve’s mission with Cellnutrition is to spread the word about how she is beating the bloat herself and to help as many people as she can benefit too.

By Emily