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Channel Your Inner Model With These Fashion Tips

No one wants to look ordinary in a world in which first impressions and cosmetic appearance can mean so much. Looking good, whether strutting down the street, in the office or relaxing with friends can give a much-appreciated dose of confidence and a boost to the self-esteem. But when it comes to looking fabulous, turning heads and raising eyebrows, you’ll need to go above and beyond in order to strike a glamorous chord with your fashion choices. Below is a run-through of some hot fashion pieces that won’t break the bank but that you’ll always have in your wardrobe for those special events for which glamour seems the best style to pursue.

Jackets and Coats

We may be well on our way to emerging from a nippy winter, but jackets and coats are a timeless, multi-seasonal addition to any wardrobe. Glamour and style were once encapsulated by the likes of bushy fur coats or shiny leather jackets, though in a world more conscious of the exploitation of animal products, these jackets have seen turbulent popularity in recent years. There are faux fur and vegan leather, of course, but why not forge into the new glamorous jacket territory instead of adhering to the old.

A strong look in 2018 is the slightly-stiff denim jacket with large buttons and a hint of masculinity in the square shoulders and lapels. With embroidered additions to fashion items well and truly in fashion, a denim jacket with a detailed and beautiful design on the back is perhaps this year’s must-have item. Luxuriously warm padded coats like those produced by Canada Goose have hit the big time in recent years thanks to their practicality. They’re now available in a range of colours and designs for the who wish to stand out from the crowd.

Tops and Tees 

Utterly dependent on your style and your own definition of ‘glamorous,’ there’s a wide variety of in-fashion glamour tops to pick from this year. As ever, the understated plain tees, tucked into stylish trousers, maintain timeless popularity in part due to the scruffy, ‘I don’t care’ attitude that some attribute to the UK glamour fashion scene. Mustard vest tops, lace half-tees and red-velvet bralettes: as we approach summer, the skimpy and the striking will surge back into fashion, with some of the more glamorous designs communicating both allure and confidence.

On the more formal end of the spectrum, dimly-shining satin shirts for the office with intricate sewn designs or elaborate bows at the front are both modest and stylishly attractive, while evening wear might dictate a silken, flowing top with beautiful oriental designs that complement plain black or white trousers or a simple skirt.


The Oscars and the BAFTAs have been and gone, and in their wake, the popular fashion industry is adapting to new tastes that can be placed on the mass market for you to purchase. Check out the highlights of the Oscars’ red carpet to get an idea of the kind of dresses worn to an event that perhaps epitomises celebrity glamour and high-end dress design.

There is plenty which will seem timelessly familiar, and that’s what you’re looking for in a glamorous dress that you dust off for the big important events that you fancy looking knock-out gorgeous at. Figure-hugging and flesh-coloured falls onto the more daring and confident side of the spectrum where dresses are concerned. The same can be said for plunging necklines that seem to cut themselves ever-lower, and sparkling sequinned numbers that show off an essence of the 90s party girl while nonetheless being presented in the form of an evening dress. When it comes down to it, dresses are so individual that only vague pointers can guide you to the right purchase. You’ll simply have to try a lot on to find your perfect glamour dress.


Heels to sandals, scruffy Converses to the powerful Doctor Martin’s, footwear’s glamour is in the eye of the beholder. However, there are some options in the shoe department which will push the boundaries of your style into far more glamorous climates. For instance, view here some sultry, seductive knee-high heels that’ll have you dripping with sex appeal, or push yourself higher with extreme 8-inch heels which will accentuate your legs and create quite the impression in the catwalk model sense.

As summer approaches fast (one hopes!), there’s more to consider in the realm of sandals and open-toed shoes that you’ll be able to wear on the French Riviera or the Costa del Sol come your holidays. Elegant variations on the Roman sandal are proving increasingly popular, with their classical heritage and graceful ankle ties, while simple wedges and flats, made from sustainable materials such as cork and woven hemp, are predicted to be all the rage in summer 2018.


A lady is nothing without her bag, and when it comes to glamorous accessories, it’s the baggage that can truly place the cherry on the cake. You’ve got a wide range of items to consider in this department, from tiny clasps you’d look the part holding at Ascot and Cheltenham, to the sling-over-the-shoulder satchels available at fashionable outdoor stores that tap into the carefree, adventurous and independent definition of glamour.

The handbag meanwhile is becoming increasingly vintage in its glamorous design, often with simple monochromatic patterns and a decades-old feel that aligns itself with the current resurgence in all things pre-digital, from vinyl records to board games. Check out some of this season’s range to get a feel for what suits your overall style. There’s a lot to choose from, though to really channel your inner model, your handbag needs to have that element of punk blasé to look the part.

Glamour in fashion is one of the hardest concepts to pin down properly, but it certainly embodies a touch of confidence and showing-off styled around some of the most well-designed and enviable products on the fashion market. When it comes to composing yourself in glamorous outfits when the times comes, bolster your wardrobe with some of the items above so that you stand out from the crowd with a brash confidence that’s the core principal of looking, behaving and being interpreted as the glamour queen you’ve set out to be.

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