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Cheap Flights from Syracuse a Vibrant City Of New York


Syracuse is an urban area full of architectural and historical wonders with breathtaking lakes, valleys, hills and streams. The beautiful city is situated along the shores of Lakes Onondaga as well as Ontario and is in close proximity to the Finger Lakes region that is situated around 20 miles. The city has earned the title of an important educational and business center of the Central Region in New York. It is regarded as having the status of being the seat for Onondaga County. The city’s population was 147,306 as per the census in 2000, making it the fifth-most populous city in the state.

Its name is derived from the name of an Italian city called Syracuse from Sicily. It is the city that Syracuse has a rich past since it played a significant role in the social movements and general advancements. The city was among the very first in the world to start the first democracy that was established in North America, and it was also the first city in the world to protest against women’s rights and slavery throughout the nation. Syracuse University was established in the year 1870. It was later to become the most prominent aspect that the city was known for and also played a crucial role in the growth of the city.

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At the start of the nineteenth century, this city was establishing itself as an important industrial center that had a number of manufacturing industries. The city is now an important tourist destination since it provides big-city facilities as well as attractions with the ambience of an intimate town. There is a lot to offer the visitor, including museums, art galleries, and for those who like exploring the past to symphony orchestras, opera for music lovers. You can also visit an extremely lively and vibrant downtown area to experience some excitement and excitement. In a real sense, it is possible for the city to cater to everyone’s needs regardless of why you’re in the city. You will definitely discover something that will entertain you.

On your trip to Cheap Flights from Syracuse among the locations you should visit are Rosamond Gifford Zoo which is truly a wonderful destination to visit. The purpose of the zoo is to learn about, show and protect the animals. Zoos also work to establish a connection between animals and visitors. The magnificent zoo is home to more than 9000 animals. The zoo spans an area of around forty-three acres and provides the perfect setting for stunning wildlife.


Onondaga Lake Park Onondaga Lake Park has a lot to offer tourists who come to the city or locals who are looking to escape the bustle and hustle of city life. The park is open to everyone throughout the year. The park has its visitors the Salt Museum, Wegmans Playground and Willow Bay as well.

Salt Museum of the Park Salt Museum located in this park very innovative and offers a variety of educational activities. The museum provides knowledge on how processes are that go into the production of salt. It also discusses the glory times of Syracuse, where salt was the main factor in the city.

The city is recognized as a renowned cultural and arts center, with numerous galleries and museums like the Everson Museum of Art, Erie Canal Museum, Museum of Science and Technology, Fire Museum of Syracuse etc. The museum also has art galleries, such as Joan Lukas Rothenberg, Carol’s Antiques Art & Gifts, Community Folk Art Center, Delavan Art Gallery and several other galleries.

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