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Cheat Sheet For Women Taking Up Kegel Exercises

The benefits of kegel exercises have helped countless women globally. The use of weighted balls as part of the exercises has taken the exercise to a different level.  The advanced and more effective types of the exercises offer women the advantage of improved health and enhanced sexual gratification. However, many women tend to exercise in the wrong manner, and this can have an impact on the outcome of the exercise. This can also lead to health problems if the exercise is carried out improperly. Kegel exercises are one of the most simple and effective, and it is not necessary to complicate the same through impromptu modifications. Here is a little cheat sheet of do’s and don’t’s.

Three Do’s For Your Kegel Exercises

#1 Identify the pelvic floor muscles – It is important to identify the pelvic floor muscles that need to be exercised as part of the kegel workout. This can be carried out by controlling your bladder midway when urinating to identify the muscles that control the bladder.

#2 Isolate the pelvic floor muscles – The pelvic floor muscles need to be isolated during kegel exercises. Do not tighten the muscles around the pelvic floor muscles. Many individuals make the mistake of tightening the surrounding muscles also. Weighted balls that you can buy at loveballs are a good way to improve the outcomes of the exercise.

#3 Exercise thrice a day with around 15 repetitions – For best results it is necessary to work out atleast thrice a day with 15 repetitions in each set. Begin with a count of three and you will slowly progress to higher counts of contraction and holding.

Three Don’ts For Your Kegel Exercises

#1 Do not hold your urine in when you exercise – The control of the bladder has to be done just once to identify the pelvic floor muscles. The bladder should not be controlled at any point later, by holding in urine as this can result in an infection.

#2 Do not try to control and squirt out urine during the exercise – Many individuals often try to take the exercise to absurd levels by attempting to control the bladder more by trying to get the ability to squirt a stream of urine. This should not be attempted as it is pointless and can result in other complications.

#3 Choose the right kind of weighted balls and cones fort the exercise – The use of weighted balls are a great way to improve the outcomes of the exercise. Individuals who choose to use cones or balls, need to choose the right size, the right shape, and the right weight of the balls. This can change gradually, but needs to start right. It is also important to ensure that the material of the weighted balls and cones are chosen in a manner that facilitates cleaning.

Kegel exercises are a great help to the dignity of women as per one of the fastest growing fitness franchises. It helps to keep embarrassment at bay, and improve hygiene and health. Additionally, it also helps to heal the after effects of pregnancy, childbirth and surgery.

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