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Children have stomping good time at workshops


Jul 10, 2018 #Dance, #education

CHILDREN have been stomping up a storm as they tackled an A Level dance workshop in primary school.

Pupils from Marchbank Free School, which is part of the Education Village Academy Trust, Darlington, took part in a Stomp-style workshop run by a former member of the celebrated dance troupe.

Classically-trained ballet dancer Peter Francis was a member of Stomp for three years before launching Nebula Artistic, which runs dance workshops around the country.

Pupils were shown a variety of moves and asked to come up with their own routines, which they performed to the class.

Peter said: “It is a difficult workshop that is designed to challenge the young people. It allows them to create their own routines without being overwhelmed. It is a massive achievement and you see them go from zero to nine out of ten.

“This is A Level standard work and they all did incredibly well, with 100 per cent involvement, having given a wealth of input in a short space of time.”

Principal Mandy Southwick said: “It was tremendous seeing what could be achieved so quickly by our pupils, who thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It was clear to see how they grew in confidence and self-esteem by working in teams and individually.”

By French