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Christmas Idea: Panasonic’s Responsive Five-Blade Shavers Offer Men a Gentle, Close Shave

ES-LV97 and ES-LV67 Responsive Five-Blade Shavers

New design in the ES-LV97 and ES-LV67 offer a gentle, close and personalised shaving experience, adjusting power to match your specific beard needs.

Panasonic has announced the latest additions to its line-up of premium men’s shavers, the ES-LV97 and ES-LV67. With Panasonic’s responsive beard sensor technology, the new shavers offer a gentle, close and personalised shaving experience, adjusting power to match your specific beard needs.

Comfortable and close shave

Delivering an incredibly comfortable and close shave regardless of facial hair thickness or style, the innovative Panasonic responsive beard sensor technology in both the ES-LV97 and ES-LV67 detects beard density 220 times per second, adjusting motor power 14 times per second[1] to deliver the optimum power for a shave that’s still kind on the skin.

The unique five-blade cutting system allows pressure to be distributed evenly across the face, reducing pressure on the skin by up to 35%[2]. With the movement of the inner blade automatically adjusted to cut through thicker areas efficiently and effectively, and power reduced in areas where hair is thinner to make softer movements, unnecessary irritation is prevented.

The multi-flex 16D shaving heads move in 16 directions independently[3], following face contours and rotating from side-to-side, backward and forward and up and down. This ensures the razor can get the closest possible contact, reaching difficult areas such as the upper lip, chin and neck whilst reducing the number of strokes required to shave even flat-lying hair, minimising the burden on the skin.

Precise and powerful

Core to both shavers is their ultra-fast linear motor. Driven by a super strong neodymium magnet the motor drive propels the blades at a rapid 70,000 cross cutting actions per minute, providing an exceptionally powerful and smooth shave, even when shaving through thick beards. With a steady cutting speed right until the battery runs out, you can be confident of a professional and even finish, every time.

With each outer blade playing a different role, the shavers ensure to capture all hair types. Whilst the quick-lift foil can cut hairs closer to their base, the ultrathin, quick slit blades give smoother results, making it easier to lift hair, all while ultra-sharp inner blades ensure even hard hairs are cut in one go.

Clean and compact

The ES-LV97 comes equipped with its own, easy-to-use, fully automatic cleaning system which makes it easy to keep your Panasonic shaver clean and ready for use. Once placed in the stand, the shaver can be completely cleaned at the push of a button, keeping blades sharper for longer. The compact size means that the cleaning station can be transported easily and placed neatly and unobtrusively in any space. Both designs also come equipped with a brush and cleansing oil for additional maintenance.

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