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ByDave Stopher

Feb 18, 2020 #Business

Are you bored with only 2 big cinema brands present in Indonesia? Well, now there is one more brand that has entered Indonesia, namely Flix Cinema. Agung Sedayu’s cinema brand uploads a minimalist concept, and Flix Cinema also claims to be a lifestyle cinema.

PT Agung Sedayu Retail Indonesia said if the company at the beginning of this decade will begin to develop its cinema, namely Flix Cinema in various regions in Indonesia. Management said that at least this year, the company will open two new theaters with more than a dozen studios and screens.

PT Agung Sedayu Retail Indonesia’s COO, David Hilman, said that the expansion of bisokop is focused on Agung Sedayu’s shopping center itself, as an aim to increase the attractiveness and increase experience for customers who come to his shopping center.

“We are now focusing on our own mall first. So there are already three (malls) right and will add two more to 5 malls. In MOI, for example, CGV is finished, we are renovating to become the biggest Flix Cinema, “said David Hilman.

Aside from MOI, the company will also open Flix Cinema in District 8, which will only be operational in the second semester of this year. The hope, with the cinema, visitor traffic to his shopping center will experience a significant increase. “The MOI will have 10 screens, it will not change. We will only update and dismantle (the design), if District 8 will have 5 screens, so the total will add 15 screens,” he continued.

As for Taman Anggrek, which will also open in the second half of this year, the company will not open Flix Cinema because there is already a cinema available. What is clear, this cinema will become a tourist attraction besides contributing to revenue.

Flix Cinema was first present at PIK Avenue which was then followed at the Grand Galaxy Mall Bekasi. Now, this bioxop is already in the SCBD area, Mall of Indonesia, and TB Simatupang. Flix Cinema also targets to open 21 more screens in the next 2 years.

New concept

Not only uploading the cinema, Flix also displays various interesting places in it such as Cafes to Art Exhibition, a new concept that makes people not bored while waiting for films while enjoying art. Flix works closely with Onxy Studio and Ruru Gallery to present the Flix Art Exhibition. In this exhibition, 10 artists displayed their respective works, and some were used as totebag to be sold as merchandise. 

Cinema’s Class

On Flix there are 3 classes that you can enjoy. 3 classes namely Silver Hall, Gold Hall, and Platinum Hall. Each hall has facilities with their own advantages. When launching, you can enjoy cheap promos from Flix by paying high class for normal cinema. Wow, you really should try it!

Silver hall

Silver hall is the standard classroom theater in this cinema. The audience can sit in an ergonomic chair while watching a movie with the Dolby DTS: X speaker.

Gold hall

Spectators in the gold hall theater can sit in soft chairs with adjustable backrests and allow the audience to charge the phone via USB which is located on the right or left of the chair.

Platinum hall

The theater room for the platinum hall class has similar facilities to the GOLD hall. Additions to the PLATINUM hall are adjustable armchair, table between the armchair and blanket. 

Bombastic speaker

Usually, many people compare the previous two old cinema players by the audio quality they have. Now, at Flix Cinema, they have used DTSX (Digital Theater System) technology. DTSX is more flexible in its speaker placement and allows the audience to adjust the volume based on the movement of objects, with technology ribbon (alcons audio) and line array (nova audio) 

Suitable for all people

The waiting room in this cinema is more aimed at millennial design, but it is also suitable for you to enjoy with your family, with a cozy lounge and seating area. In the Platinum Indulgence Lounce Hall, you can even enjoy the sunset.

Food Innovation Menu

Flix has a new theme for cafes in theaters, which is healthy and yummy. By working with several healthy food outlets, you can enjoy “healthy food”, and can also continue to buy “junk food” in the yummy section. For Coffee, they work together with the Common Grounds. With the unique packaging of the title of the film, you can show off your food on your social media! 

Instagramable Design

Well, according to what I said earlier, this place is intended for millennial. Why? Because there are so many places where the corner of the waiting room is suitable for photos. You certainly will not be bored with the unique design! 

Bar Included

For ages 21 and over, you can enjoy the bar at Indulgence Lounge Platinum Hall! Suitable for you who have business meeting business / just want to relax.

Affordable and easy to order

 This time is the best time you must go to Flix. Why? Lots of promotions that you can get in this cinema. Starting from the Platinum Hall which already has a “mattress” as its seat, only about 150 thousand. Not bad for your first experience enjoying this feature? Also, don’t be afraid of running out of tickets because you have to queue long, because you can order tickets online on the website, or you can also through the mobile application on your smartphone! Another advantage is that FLIX Cinema is considered to be more environmentally friendly than other theaters. Through the #RethinkCinema program, FLIX Cinema officially reduces the use of disposable plastic packaging and replaces them with environmentally friendly options. They also intensively invite visitors to buy tickets online through the FLIX application and website to reduce paper ticket waste. In addition, visitors can buy tickets via GO-TIX, Traveloka and BookMyShow. 

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