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Classifications Of Windows For Your Home

ByDarshan Shah

Oct 3, 2019 #property

If you are considering a reform, a change of decoration in your home, or to make an improvement that contributes to the sustainability and energy efficiency of your home, it is useful to know what type of window you should use.

The Three Fundamental Aspects to Consider when choosing the type of window to install are:

  • The Type of Profiling
  • The Type of Glass or Crystal
  • The Type of Opening

Types Of Windows According To The Profiles

Today, we can find many types of windows of very different materials, but the most frequent and demanded types are usually wood, PVC, and aluminum.

Wooden Windows

The wooden windows are aesthetically very attractive. The material provides us with a good insulator in a natural way. Being a natural material, it is especially sensitive to deterioration caused by solar radiation, microorganisms, and the passage of time.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are good options to consider when choosing the type of window to install. Regardless of the geographical area and the climate of the region, they are very resistant to changes in temperature, solar radiation, and inclement weather. Aluminum windows with thermal bridge breakage are generally the ones with the best levels of thermal insulation.

Nowadays, Aluminum Windows are the most chosen by consumers for their performance and, above all, for their wide range of finishes and colors in which they are manufactured.

Types Of Windows According To The Glass

A fundamental aspect that we cannot ignore in the choice of the kind of window for our house is undoubtedly the type of glass. The type of glass will determine the insulation efficiency of our home, which will directly affect the comfort level.

The Double Glazing Funding provides a higher level of thermal, acoustic, visual comfort, and a higher level of security for your home. To help you choose the type of glass suitable for your window, we have developed a simple tool, with which, in just three steps, you can find out which glass will suit you:

  • Choose the level of thermal comfort you want
  • Choose the level of sound insulation you need
  • Choose the level of security and protection you want to give your windows

Types Of Windows According To The Opening

As for the technical aspects, we would only have to choose the type of window opening that best suits our needs. Depending on the functionality of the window, we have to assess the most practical and comfortable opening for the day-to-day life in our home.

There are several types of windows, depending on the opening:

Folding Opening Windows

They are the most classic windows in most of the rooms of a house. The main advantage is its completely hermetic closure that favors a higher level of thermal and acoustic insulation. However, these windows take up a lot of space when they are open, so they only serve clear areas of furniture or nearby objects.

Sliding Windows

They are the type of windows, whose leaves move horizontally on a rail inserted in the frame. They are the right choice for areas limited by furniture or corners. Its main advantage is that they do not occupy additional space when opening, so they are usually used in living rooms and ground floors with access to the garden. The main disadvantages of sliding windows relate to insulation since they lack a tight seal.

Pivot Windows

They are those in which the window leaf rotates around a central axis. It is common to find them in attics and roofs.

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