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Collecting Strong Evidences When Filing For Bed Bug Hotel Compensation


Sep 20, 2021

When you go out for a holiday, one of the things that will make you really excited about is the hotel where you are planning to stay, hence choosing the best hotel is something you have to seriously consider. 

Get The Compensation You Deserve For Bed Bug Hotel Problems - ELMENS

The hotel should be able to make you feel relaxed and get a bunch of energy again for the next day trip. But what if the hotel has just so many bugs on its bed? One of the first things you would think about is filing a bed bug hotel compensation. Yes, it is actually your right to file that case, but to win in this kind of case, apart from hiring a highly reliable lawyer, you have to make sure that evidences to prove your claim are collected. 

Here are some of the things you have to do, if you want to file a bed bug case against the hotel. 

  • Take photos of the infestation

Before anything else, make sure to take photos of the infestation. You have to make sure that clear photos are taken before you do anything else. If possible, take a video of the incident. 

The photos will prove that there are bugs in the bed, and that they are not implanted just for the sake of getting compensation. 

  • Collect bugs

If possible, it is highly recommended that you collect the bugs. In a plastic bottle, keep the bugs in it, allowing enough air to go in and out of the bottle so that the bugs can live longer. 

Through the bugs collected, you can prove that it is really from the hotel, and you did not fabricate the evidence. This may be hard for some as they are afraid to touch the bugs, but just to make sure you can fight for your right, take the risk of doing so. 

  • Talk to the manager of the hotel

Once you have photos taken and collected samples of the bugs, you can give the hotel manager a call so he himself can take a look at the infestation. You have to make sure that you talk to the manager professionally to avoid issues when a case is filed. 

If possible, record the conversation you will have with the manager so you have proof that conversation and complain about the issue really occurs. 

The manager of the hotel may offer settlement so that issue won’t go to court, and their name not to be negatively dragged in the public. When a settlement is offered, it is all up to you whether to accept their offer or push through with the court case to get a fairer judgement.

  • Take photos/videos of affected belongings

Make sure that photos and videos of all belongings that were affected by infestation are taken. All details of the infestation, small or big, should be clearly taken. You do not want to miss on anything especially that you want to get a fair deal. 

Also, do not wait until you get home to do this, as much as possible, the photos and videos should be taken while you are still in the hotel premises. 

  • Seek for medical consultation

Just in case your health is affected with the infestation, immediately seek for medical consultation. The medical certificate will be your proof that your health was affected with the bed bug infestation, even after your health improves or gets better while the case is being litigated.

If you are working, you may also want to ask proof from your HR or manager, that you have had few days of absences or leaves because of what happened, so you can get compensation from that as well.  

By ozfetch