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Common Errors Parents Make When Decorating a Child’s Bedroom


May 20, 2022

Many parents enjoy decorating their children’s rooms. It allows them to experiment with colours, patterns, and all of the cute and lovely decorations found in children’s sections in shops. However, as enjoyable as it is, designing a room that is equally functional, comfortable, and beautiful can be challenging, filling the open spaces with furniture, toys, and trendy decor.

So, what are the most common blunders you should avoid when decorating your child’s bedroom?

Sacrificing functionality for style

Manufacturers constantly compete to develop products that consumers will want to buy and spend a fortune on. As a result, users have access to a wide range of furniture, toys, and decorative trinkets in various colours, shapes, and sizes. However, don’t be tricked by the bright colours and trendy designs! Just because something is attractive does not mean it will be helpful in everyday life. Make sure that everything you buy with your hard-earned money is useful and functional. Otherwise, you might end up with unsettling beds and chairs, difficult-to-clean fabrics, or inconvenient storage options. Instead, look for more long-lasting furniture like fitted wardrobes, study tables, and shelves.

Decorating a child’s bedroom is one of the greatest joys for parents, as it reflects their style and taste. However, when undertaking this important task, some may be tempted to sacrifice functionality for style. In particular house beds for kids are often seen as fashionable decorating pieces; however, they can be impractical given that they require large amounts of floor space and limit the ability to move around the room. Parents should consider practical solutions over stylish options in order to maximise the room’s functionality while still keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

Investing in short-term decors

It’s a usual scenario: your child has a favourite character or animated series, so you do your best to decorate their room around that theme. And you can bet that the market is overflowing with movie-themed decorations for kids, ranging from blankets to carpets to bedding sets to wall stickers to furniture. Then, suddenly, a different character, a new film, or a new game takes centre stage, and you’re left with decor that no longer reflects your child’s interests. Choose a more neutral base to avoid redecorating the room every few months. If you want to go all out, go for smaller movable items that you can easily transport.

Leaving no place to play

Ask yourself a simple question: What is your child’s favourite thing to do? The response is the same all over the world. Every child loves to play. Therefore, it is critical to include a play area in the room’s design. Rather than stuffing every square inch of floor space with furniture, try to clear more space as possible and give your child free rein to play and try new fun activities. The good news is that various furniture pieces designed specifically for small spaces can help you maintain functionality without wasting space.

Not making it safe enough

You must also ensure that the room is as secure as possible, particularly if you have young kids. Any furniture with hard edges should be padded or removed. You should also ensure that the floor is as spotless as possible; since children enjoy putting things in their mouths, you need to vacuum them regularly. Children can quickly become injured or ill due to accidents like swallowing small toys, so leave as little debris as possible. If the child is sleeping in a cot, you’ll need to figure out how to keep their head from hitting the sides.

Final thoughts

These are among the worst decorating mistakes you can make for a child’s room. Avoid these and take inspiration from people who know how to decorate children’s bedrooms properly.

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