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Managing a field service business is no easy task, which is why every business needs a seasoned field service manager to keep field service operations on track. However, even the most experienced field service managers may feel overwhelmed when challenges arise. The best way to help field service managers overcome obstacles is to identify common challenges of the industry and find the best solutions.

Keeping track of paperwork

Keeping track of and collecting job sheets and documents is challenging when your technicians are in the field and travelling to several job sites during the day. Field workers may misplace documents and lose confidential customer information. Because your team can’t make copies or share the data with the office when they’re on-site, the information will be lost with no way to retrieve it. A paper system can be inefficient, as it’s time-consuming for admin workers to capture the data, and they may capture details incorrectly.

Excessive fuel consumption

Field service workers spend hours travelling between job sites and the office, and all this time spent on the road increases fuel consumption and fuel costs. Petrol and diesel prices hit record highs this year, and there’s a good chance they’ll continue to rise throughout 2022, affecting the field service industry’s fuel expenses. While field service businesses can find ways to reduce other operating costs, fuel is a necessity for field workers, and without it, your business can’t operate successfully.

Poor invoice management

When managing a remote field service team, it’s not always easy to find time for admin tasks like invoicing. However, you must prioritise invoicing as poor invoice management can affect cash flow and frustrate your customers. When you fail to send invoices on time, your customers will pay you late, affecting cash flow. Poor cash flow could affect your ability to pay your employees and suppliers and buy new inventory. If you continuously send invoices late, your customers may become frustrated, especially if they have to follow up on their invoices. Poor invoice management could affect customer satisfaction, and your clients may stop using your services.

Lack of communication between field and admin staff

Feedback and job updates from field workers are essential for your admin team, so communication is crucial. If there’s been a delay or your field team needs assistance, your admin staff can notify your clients or send help. When there’s a lack of communication, receiving updates is challenging, leading to miscommunication and misunderstandings. Poor communication can make your team make unnecessary mistakes, costing your business time and money.

Finding time for asset maintenance

Asset maintenance is essential for field service companies as it keeps equipment and machinery in good condition to prevent unnecessary downtime. Unexpected downtime can lead to delays, affecting productivity. Maintenance also increases the longevity of your assets, reducing the need to replace equipment frequently. It should always be a priority, but it can be challenging to find time to schedule asset maintenance when your equipment is being used in the field.

Solving the challenges of field service management

Field service management challenges can be overwhelming, but you can overcome these obstacles with Job Management Software. The software’s paperless system offers an effective solution for file management, with digital job sheets and documents that can be completed and shared online. You can also use the software’s route planning tool to reduce fuel consumption, automate invoicing, and view everyone’s calendars to find time for asset maintenance. With Job Management Software, field workers can share updates online and complete job sheets once a task is done. Your admin team can view these updates in real-time, improving communication between field and office workers.

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