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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Google Calendar

ByDave Stopher

Jun 25, 2020

Whether you need to remember your appointments, events, or meetings, you can depend on calendar apps to take care of your needs. These help you stay productive. But not making optimum use of them can also mean underutilization of your potential. To avoid this, you first have to stop repeating inevitable mistakes that you may have been making unconsciously. These are more relevant for your Google Calendar.

Things to avoid when using Google Calendar

Not taking advantage of the cross-platform compatibility

You may want to access Google Calendar on the go, for which cross-platform accessibility is crucial. It makes sure that you can use your Calendar on Mac, Android mobile phone, or just any other platform. If you miss this, you can end up creating duplicate events or forgetting to attend a critical meetup.

Google Calendar runs fine across diverse portals, including mobile phones, laptops, and desktops, and with different browser extensions. Due to this, you can find it quite handy. You can check reminders, go through meeting agenda, or edit events almost on the go without losing track of it.

Not paying adequate attention to the features

It is one of the essential Google Calendar tips. You can expect the calendar to make your life organized and manageable. But for this, you need to use its features. For instance, you can color-code events to make them stand out for quick recognition. You can apply it to holidays, business, or any personal celebrations. You can customize notifications for events by time so that you don’t miss them. You can use the repeat event function to reduce your effort and time to reentering the same details every day, week, or month. And, you can achieve it all with a checkmark. Besides, there is a checkmark for all-day events also that enables you to block the whole day.

Under-detailing or over-detailing the events

When creating an event for a business meeting, you need to feed proper details for the participants. Otherwise, it may fail to deliver real value. For example, when you write “Discussion about Last Week’s Issue” in the description and nothing else, it doesn’t give participants any clear insight and can leave them baffled. To avoid this, you have to be specific with the title and add a short description, agenda, emails, and relevant attachments. Similarly, you can go overboard with your details killing your time and the perception about your efficiency. For instance, attaching unimportant documents or adding location map for a nearby spot, etc.

If you ever get stuck with analyzing the right approach, remind yourself who will attend the event, the theme, the reason behind the meeting, and the date, time, and location of the meetup. Provide the plan and necessary documents, and you are done. It will allow you to maintain balance with what needs to go out and what has to remain with you.

When you use Google Calendar, you can keep these basic things in mind. They can increase your efficiency and productivity. Also, you will not have to spend your time and effort on any unwanted activity.