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Common Myths and Misconceptions Uncovered about Online Casinos


Feb 12, 2018 #casino

When it comes to online gaming, there are numerous myths and misconceptions associated with it, many of which get a repeater and so often they are widely considered to be true. Online casino is no exception. Lack of information and rumours has led to numerous misunderstandings about gambling, especially online gambling. Where some of them have been eradicated, various other not-so-true beliefs remain rooted among the public.

People often hold false beliefs about an online casino that may lead to various problems. Let’s look at the significant misconceptions and myths related to the online casinos around the globe.

The winning games are fixed

It is probably the most common misconception related to online gambling. People claiming so apparently don’t have the faintest idea of how an online casino works. On the online platform, there is the absence of live dealer dealing the cards. So, the creeping of the doubt becomes obvious. But lack of dealers doesn’t mean that the online casino cannot be trusted. They are based on RNG technology. These random number generators make sure that the casinos are fair and transparent.

Use of bonus decrease the chance of winning

This is another widely prevalent notion about the casinos. People are led to think that the casinos are boiling false hopes by providing lucrative bonuses. All they want is to see you lose badly. This is not the truth. This is not why the bonuses are provided. Additionally, random number generators aren’t aware that the player is playing with or without bonus. The chances of winning remain the same irrespective of bonuses.

Gambling platforms are not safe 

While safety concerns are paramount, but assuming every casino site to be fraudulent is not fair. And that so because they deal in real money. Reputed casino sites like Plush Casino have a legitimate license and are certified by stringent authorities. This ensures safe and secure gambling environment. Also, the encryption level also provides the security of the gambling sites. 128-bit SSL technology secures legitimate casino sites.

Online casino games are open to everyone 

This is probably the most discussed misconception related to the online gambling. And perhaps, the most baseless myth as well!!

Online casinos have rigorous and stringent protocols when it comes to the underage gamblers. Access is granted to the players only on the submission of proper documents, proving they are of age to gamble. Online casinos are very strict when it comes to this. Sometimes, it can be easy for underage to deceive his/her way in a land-based casino. But, that is certainly not possible on the online platform.

More the time spent on one game, more are the chances of winning it

Another major misconception! It would be amazing though if it was so. But sadly, this isn’t the case. The time spent on a game doesn’t affect the chance of winning in any way. The random number generators aren’t affected by the time spent on a game. In fact, one can be losing more than expected by playing a game for a long time. Indulging in the diverse game is the key if you want to win more.

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