Amidst the closure of an array of manufacturing facilities in and around China due to coronavirus, the supply of low-cost tyres to the UK could be affected. 

Budget tyres have become a staple for motorists around the UK for those on a budget, with 1.6 billion units imported globally in 2018 and sales exceeding millions nationwide across Britain year on year. 

A multitude of Chinese facilities across China and South East Asia has led to governments shutting down facilities to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Subsequently, Tyresafe suggests that levels of supplies across the UK will slowly become stagnant.

etyres, an online tyre retailer is a large supplier of tyres to millions of road users, with a range of premium to budget tyres such as Continental, Michelin, GT Radial and Comforser. 

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, etyres have suggested that if motorists are looking for affordable tyres, tyres such as Kormoran and GT Radial can be bought as they are low-cost mid range tyres and will continue to be produced within Europe. Mid range tyres such as these come in only slightly more expensive than their budget counterparts, but offer improved braking performance and thus safety and users of these tyres can enjoy more miles in between tyre changes thanks to their greater resistance to wear.

Travis Coleman MD of etyres commented on the supply of budget tyres, saying: “we know that the supply of tyres from affected countries has been restricted in some cases, however, we have good stock levels already in the UK and the majority of mid range and premium tyres are unaffected.  Not knowing how long the pandemic will last however we advise motorists to get their tyres sorted now in case the situation drags on or worsens”.

It is yet to be seen how much the coronavirus (COVID-19) will affect the supply of new tyres into the UK, but it is clear that consumers should be aware in order to secure new tyres for their vehicles.