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COVID-19: 3 Ways Business Owners Are Using Technology to Their Advantage

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has tested business owners and forced them to adapt in difficult times. Many are finding that though times are challenging, the virus has forced them to improve technologically and streamline their business as a result. Experts suggest that as a result of the pandemic, we’ll soon see innovations in work, artificial intelligence, trust and supply chains, and health and medicine. Even now, there are new ways you and your business can utilize new technology to meet your customers’ needs. Let’s go over three ways savvy business owners are using tech to their advantage amidst COVID-19.

Optimizing Practices for Better Results


It’s important to use this time to ensure everyone involved in your business is communicating efficiently and performing at a high level, despite the difficulties posed by the current situation. Making use of OKR tools like those from Profit offer task management, employee management, and software management solutions for businesses of any size. This software enables you to assign tasks and objectives to various departments and employees and uses OKR (objectives and key results) methodology to monitor and improve performance. You can integrate this software with other common office communication tools like Slack, Jira, G-Suite, Offie 365, and more. In the event that some or all of your employees are working from home, it’s more important than ever to be able to communicate and meet your objectives despite not being in a physical office together.

Improving Digital Presence


Due to the varying restrictions on opening your business, it obviously makes sense to bring as much of your business into the digital space as you can. Even if your business is allowed to remain open, there are new rules about how many people can be in a physical space at one time. If you have a physical space you want your customers to be able to see, you can use a service like BizTour to offer a 360 virtual tour. Owning a space that is rented out, for example, can be difficult if you’re not able to manage in-person showings. Creating a 360 virtual tour allows potential clients to “tour” your space. Hotels can also provide a peek at their accommodations, and retail stores can show off their merchandise and showroom. You can allow your customers inside your business virtually, even if they can’t walk in the front door.

Expanding Work from Home Opportunities


While initially, the pandemic may have forced many to work from home, businesses are finding that there is a lot of money to be saved by allowing employees to work from home more frequently or even permanently, depending on the requirements of their position. Reducing the number of employees you need in the office could allow you to downsize to a smaller space, saving thousands on rent. You’ll also reduce your costs for office supplies and decrease your electricity usage. A Stanford study shows that companies could save up to $2000 per employee that works from home and even that productivity tends to increase. There’s no reason not to opt for a more modern workplace.

Although COVID-19 has presented many businesses with incredible challenges, it also has illustrated the myriad of ways that companies can improve themselves and enhance their productivity. Being forced to operate more heavily in the digital space has shown employers and business owners that they can use a variety of new technologies to expand their customer base and cut down on their costs. Conventional practices and office structures are no longer enough, especially since we don’t know when the effects of COVID-19 will slow enough to allow a return to normal. Making sure your company is technologically advanced and adaptable to the current climate is essential if you want to stay profitable through the pandemic.x

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