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Dangerous Experiments For After Dinner

From sabring a champagne bottle to removing a cork with a shoe, Dangerous Experiments For After Dinner will add a little post-prandial magic to any dinner-party or get-together

Bored of the same old chitchat? Spice up your soirées, impress your guests and embarrass your brother-in-law with these hilarious, and sometimes dangerous, after-dinner illusions and challenges.

A collaboration between legendary design consultancy Pentagram and celebrated graphic designer Angus Hyland, Dangerous Experiments comprises 21 handsomely illustrated cards presented in a beautiful cardboard sleeved gift tin.

Based on traditional tricks and games, each card has a unique daredevil challenge guaranteed to wow your guests, along with step-by-step instructions and explanations of the science behind each. Turn water into whisky, hammer a needle through a coin and hang draw and quarter a rogue dessert… and prepare to be amazed!

A word of warning though – you’ll also need a pair of tongs and some sort of receptacle to pick up all the jaws littering the carpet.

Dangerous Experiments For After Dinner cost £14.99 from The

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