When it comes to hydration Root 7 are certainly the ones to watch! Not afraid to shy away Root 7 continue to make a statement with striking innovation and astounding design. In fact nothing demonstrates this point better then there latest creation, the Chameleon. A world’s first colour changing stainless steel water bottle!

So what gives the Chameleon this fantastic colour changing exterior? As you top up Root 7’s Chameleon with your favourite cold beverage watch as the thermochromic paint works its magic to activate the colour.

The more you drink the level of white sections surrounding your bottle will increase, providing the ideal visible reminder to keep topping up throughout the day and the motivation to stay hydrated! Whether you’re at the gym or in the office make your Chameleon is in easy reach!.

Down to the finest of details every element of the Chameleon is achieved to the highest possible standard. The rubber lid ensures this bottle is 100% leak proof, meanwhile the silicone strap is the perfect edition for life on the move. Not to mention the additional soft touch silicone jacket which comes with your Chameleon to help protect from that inevitable wear and tear.

To maintain the long and healthy life of your Chameleon, keep clean by simply using warm water, a touch of washing liquid and a real good shake for optimum longevity!   

The Chameleon will be available in one large (600ml) bottle, choose from a selection of three colours including a refined collection of stunning pastel tones. Pricing is £25 UK/ $25 USA Kickstarter page to be launched around the 7th of November, for more info visit Root7