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Dark nights are not an excuse to let your Dog Foul

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12.33.19As the clocks go back this weekend Hambleton District Council is preparing for the increase in dog fouling complaints this brings each year.

With the dark evenings arriving earlier and the mornings in darkness for longer, some inconsiderate dog owners think it is acceptable to leave the fouling that their beloved pets have deposited.

“Responsible dog owners clear up after their dogs at all times,” said Paul Staines, Hambleton’s Head of Service for Environment.

“However, some people seem to think that as it is dark no-one will see them and it doesn’t matter.   This is not the case, it is extremely unpleasant and can be potentially dangerous if the fouling comes into contact with people, not forgetting that it is a criminal offence not to remove your dog’s waste.

“If there is not a dog foul bin nearby, bagged dog mess can be placed in a normal street litter bin which some owners may not realise. And failing that, the bagged mess can be taken home and placed in the dog walker’s own black domestic refuse bin. It is not acceptable to leave bagged dog waste by the roadside for others to pick up, as is becoming increasingly prevalent.  It is always a good idea when walking your dog in the dark to make sure you have a torch in your pocket as well as a good supply of plastic bags.”

There are plenty of dog waste and  normal street litter bins around the district and anyone who gets caught not clearing up after their dog faces a fixed penalty of £50, which if not paid can lead to a £1000 fine.

Patrols will be taking place throughout the winter and vigilant residents can help by reporting offenders to the council on 01609 779977.

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