Olympian Mica McNeill dropped into Ardmore Craig before heading off to start her bobsleigh season in Europe.

Mica who represents Great Britain as a bobsleigh pilot visited the firm and brought her bobsleigh along with her.

The reason for the visit was to show the staff the engineering involved in her bobsleigh and to discuss how her team set the bobsleigh up for different tracks and conditions around the world.

Ardmore Craig are supporting Team McNeill and have worked over the summer to have new runners prepared which Mica is looking forward to seeing how they perform.

Talking about the partnership, Ardmore Craig Managing Director, Andy Stevenson said; ‘We are delighted that Mica could visit our offices and that we could see the team’s bobsleigh for the first time. We have enjoyed looking at the design task we had this summer and producing new runners for the team to test during the 2019-2020 season. It was also a privilege to be able to sit in the sled and gain an appreciation of what is involved by a bobsleigh athlete.’

Mica McNeill commented on her visit; ‘I’m grateful to Ardmore Craig for their support and it’s always enjoyable for me to show people what our sport is all about. The staff at Ardmore Craig and I discussed the setup of my bobsleigh and how the team works throughout the season. I’m looking forward to getting back out on the ice and it’s going to be a different start this year with looking at different options as Team McNeill plan towards Beijing 2022.

Team McNeill head out to Europe this week to train and looking forward to competing in the Europe Cup before joining the World Cup programme in 2020.