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Delphi Technologies launches new BlueTech VCI empowering the aftermarket with state-of-the-art diagnostics

  • Delphi Technologies launches industry leading diagnostic solution, the BlueTech VCI, offering a variety of intelligent capabilities for a more seamless and efficient diagnostic experience for workshops
  • Boasting a unique design and software overhaul, workshops can enjoy expanded vehicle coverage, additional functionality, and integrated training support
  • Faster vehicle scan time helps maximize productivity to accelerate revenue and growth for independent garages

Auburn Hills, Michigan, September 2021

Delphi Technologies Aftermarket; a brand of BorgWarner Inc, grows its diagnostic portfolio with an innovative, easy to use analytic tool providing workshops with an extensive suite of diagnostic interrogations, real world data, and more. The previous Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) tool will still be fully supported within the diagnostic range to offer workshops choice and flexibility in finding a diagnostic solution which meets their needs. This newly designed unit joins Delphi Technologies’ diagnostic line up at an exciting time focused on pioneering the best diagnostics in the market.

Delphi Technologies’ latest VCI forges the path for evolution of workshop diagnostics
The new BlueTech VCI is designed from the ground up to meet the changing aftermarket world. Its originality is evident from its external characteristics alone. An LED icon panel and matching colour coded surround lighting mean its operation is visible to the technician from almost any angle. Clear anti-counterfeiting measures reassure workshops of an authentic Delphi Technologies device. Upon powering up the unit with a CPU 5 times more powerful than its predecessor, a technician can immediately benefit from intuitive software with a fresh look and feel. The future-ready unit brings to life new integrations such as CAN FD for improved, modern diagnostics with 3 CAN channels, and DoIP for the latest vehicle functions which are here to stay such as telematics and ADAS.

“By making various diagnostic features integrated where they weren’t before, we recognize workshops’ need to have these functions at the ready for more and more models that have advanced technology as standard.” says Jean-Francois Bouveyron, VP for EMEA Aftermarket. “Workshops are maturing in their diagnostic journey and looking for similarly evolved diagnostic tools to boost workshop productivity, such as the Delphi Technologies’ BlueTech VCI.”

BorgWarner Inc. (Delphi Technologies launches new BlueTech VCI empowering the aftermarket with state-of-the-art diagnostics)

Connectivity, security, and sustainability in one solution
The new diagnostic tool has a built in WiFi and communication encryption making the BlueTech VCI easy and secure to connect with, and access highly sought-after functionality. Security gateway allows the workshop to seamlessly service security protected vehicles and DTC-assist connects technicians with guided diagnostic assistance. Pass thru diagnostics is a bridge between all-makes diagnostics and OEM diagnostics for safety recalls and repair instructions.

Delphi Technologies’ market leading sustainability programs help create a cleaner, more efficient world for customers, communities, and the planet. The new VCI is a small but powerful contributor to these sustainability efforts as it can help workshops serve hybrid and electric vehicles, provide LD and HD coverage in one device, and meet critical emissions standards. “The BlueTech VCI also helps workshops fix it right first time and contribute to their own sustainability goals which are an increasingly more critical factor of vehicle maintenance and repair.” Comments Jean-Francois Bouveyron, “Customers want to know that their diagnostic investment for the workshop will grow as their business grows, and expand their service offerings to welcome new vehicles through the door in the future.” For more information on Delphi Technologies diagnostics visit delphiaftermarket.com