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Different types of stationery

ByDave Stopher

Aug 13, 2019 #Business

Although digital marketing has been highly successful, traditional marketing is still highly prevalent too. As such, it is essential your branding is seen on your stationery. From business cards to envelopes, the impression you make with these is vital in establishing trust. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the different types of stationery that should carry your branding.


The better your branding, the stronger your business. Although far more than a logo, and more of a set of standards, branding your stationery is still vital to the success of your business. This extends to all aspects of your stationery, whether used for internal purposes or sent out to clients.

Most businesses believe they need at least six contacts with a prospective client or customer to sell. Therefore every aspect of your stationery must carry your branding. Every letter sent, every business card passed to a vendor or potential client, every brochure handed out, is one of the contacts that lead to business success.

It keeps your brand alive, and that is what generates leads and sales. With this in mind, many businesses opt for stationery by Downey thanks to their excellent quality.

Business Cards

A good quality business card is essential to create the right fist impression. No matter the circumstances a good, memorable card is far superior to a flimsy, easily forgotten affair. As well as up to date contact information, it is important that you have your logo nice and clear on the card. You don’t want the recipient to forget who you are.


It is fair to say that all businesses need envelopes. When writing to vendors, clients, customers, and other business contacts, your branding on a good quality envelope should be clear. The impression you’re after is that your envelope should be instantly recognisable as your brand before the recipient opens it.  Your envelope should be of superior quality. Not only will this make the best first impression, which is so important, but it will protect the documents inside.

Writing Paper

There can be no argument that good, quality writing paper makes the best first impression. It has a nicer feel and a nicer look. This makes for a better, more pleasant reading experience and most of all, it makes it easier for the reader to digest your message.

With more effective communications, the more memorable your brand will be, and the better your business will operate.

Every letter you send should carry your logo and have professional footers for maximum business impact.

Brochures and Books

Many businesses still rely on presenting their offerings in brochures. People like to sit down and leaf through brochures and again, the importance of professional branding cannot be overstated. Here, you can present your offering in the perfect light, and providing you communicate clearly you will see an uptake in sales.

From notebooks to diaries, providing good quality stationery will help to team build, and promote your brand. This is not an area which should be overlooked as the better your teams perform the more business you will generate.

Stationery is still vital to business success. Ensure you get the best. Your business deserves no less.